When does Hearthstone’s Voyage to the Sunken City expansion release?

Something seems fishy.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s new expansion is just around the corner with players taking a trip to the lost city Zin-Azhari for some deep-sea Naga-themed action.

Voyage to the Sunken City will feature 135 new cards for players to add to their collection, and among them is a new minion type, Naga, and two new keywords, Colossal and Dredge.

Hearthstone’s Voyage to the Sunken City is scheduled to release on Tuesday, April 12.

You can pre-purchase the set up until the day it releases. The pre-purchase bundles cost $49.99 and $79.99. The Standard bundle offers 60 packs of cards for the new set, while the Mega bundle will give you 80 packs as well as a Hero.

Voyage to the Sunken City is the first expansion of 2022. Blizzard typically releases three expansions over the course of the year with the first coming in the spring. The second oftentimes comes in the first week or so of August. And the third is usually in November or December.