Weekly Hearthstone Roundup #9 (Feb 3 – Feb 9)

Last month in review: #5 – Jan 6 – Jan 12 2017 #6 – Jan 13 – Jan 19 2017 #7 – Jan 20 – Jan 26 2017 #8 – Jan 27 – Feb 2 2017 Weekly Hearthstone Roundup is a series summarizing last week in Hearthstone. By making a compilation of the news regarding game, teams, pro players, ladder, community […]

Last month in review:


Weekly Hearthstone Roundup is a series summarizing last week in Hearthstone. By making a compilation of the news regarding game, teams, pro players, ladder, community etc. we try to make catching up easier for those of you who don’t follow the HS news every day.

If you feel that we’ve missed something important or that we didn’t properly cite the source, let us know in the comments and we’ll fix it right away.

General/Game News

  • New Expansion’s name has leaked? Lost Secrets of Un’goro! – While there is no official confirmation yet, a reddit user found a note in one of the Voice Actress’ resume that they’ve been working with Blizzard, voicing some of the cards from an expansion called Lost Secrets of Un’Goro. The reddit thread has been removed, the mentions of it in the resume too… was it because it’s fake or maybe Blizzard didn’t want people to know yet? I think that there is a big chance that Un’Goro will be a new expansion after all (which is awesome, because it was one of my favorite zones in WoW).
  • Top 100 ranking for Arena was released in 3 regions: Americas, Europe and Asia– Kripp takes #1 place in NA with 7.78 average wins over 37 runs. Best player in Asia was a bit lower, with 7.26 average wins over 39 runs. However, Europe seems to dominate, with #1 player having an insane 9.32 average wins over 31 runs.
  • Blizzard is testing +20% spell offering rate to Arena – Hearthstone dev Iksar (Dean Alaya) was on reddit answering threads. One of his comments was about Arena balance and experience. He has mentioned that they’re testing the spells to be offered 20% more often, which seems to be in line with what was announced before about making Arena less about minions played on curve and more about synergies and interactions. Spells are how you react most of the time, increasing their offering rate might be a step in a good direction. However, it should come with some balance, because some classes have clearly better spells than other classes (e.g. Mage vs Paladin) – cards like Firelands Portal might be even more problematic if they had a higher offering rate.
  • HearthPwn: This Week’s Tavern Brawl Is Battle of Tol Barad – It’s the third time we see this Brawl. You build your own deck and whenever you play a minion, a random spell of the same mana cost is added to your hand – but it costs 0 mana instead. You want to fill your deck with minions, most likely the ones that have strong synergy with your own spells or interrupt opponent’s spells. A most fun combo I’ve played in the past was Priest OTK, where you’ve played any 9 mana minion to get Tree of Life (there are two 9 mana cost spells, the other one is Call of the Wild which is also great), then you drop Auchenai Soulpriest + Bolf Ramshield and cast Tree of Life, killing your opponent, but not you (because Bolf is going to take all the damage). See the combo in action here.
  • HearthPwn: Friendly Feud Is Back! Complete Quests Against Your Friends This Week! – The even now should be live on all servers. For a few more days, you can complete all your quests in games vs Friends, not only on the ladder/Arena.
  • Jesse Hill has shared the leaderboard of bosses from Boss Battle Royale Tavern Brawl – Grobbulus, Coren Direbrew and Lady Naz’jar were top 3 bosses from the Brawl that happened 2 weeks ago. Most played boss was Lady Naz’jar. For me, it was a most fun Tavern Brawl we had in a long while, I hope that you’ve enjoyed it too!
  • Max McCall shares more insights about the Blizzard’s card design philosophy – You can read the summary on HearthPwn.
  • Kotaku: WoW Tokens can now be converted to Battle.net cash balance – For a while already, you can sell WoW Tokens (1 token = $20 = 1 month of subscription in WoW) on the in-game Auction House for Gold. Right now, instead of using the tokens to extend your subscription, you can also convert them to money on Battle.net (although a little bit less than the token’s worth – only $15 instead of $20). With this money, you can buy anything from any Blizzard game, including Hearthstone. For that, you can buy things like 9 Hearthstone Packs, 2 Adventure wings (3/4 of an Adventure if you buy whole thing at the same time), but also 16 Loot Boxes in Overwatch, a few Heroes in HotS or even one of the older Blizzard games like Warcraft III. So if you have tons of gold piling on your WoW character, you can turn it into the Battle.net balance now.


  • ViciousSyndicate: Data Reaper Report #37 was released – Same old, same old. Strong decks getting stronger, weak decks getting weaker. Top 8 decks on the overall ladder according to vS are: Aggro Shaman, Pirate Warrior, Midrange Jade Shaman, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Priest, Miracle Rogue, RenoLock and Reno Mage. We still live in the Shamanstone era, with Shaman having close to 40% representation. However, what’s interesting is that Aggro Shaman gets gradually pushed out by Midrange Jade Shaman. The numbers were about 80/20 in favor of Aggro Shaman a few weeks ago and now it’s about 50/50 overall (Jade seems to be more popular in lower ranks, while Aggro in the higher ranks – which isn’t weird this early in the season, because Aggro decks are better at getting through the ranks faster).
  • MetaStats: Standard Meta Snapshot Week 4 (Jan 30 – Feb 5) was released – Top 8 most successful decks right now, according to MetaStats, are: Midrange Shaman, RenoLock, Reno Priest, Control Shaman, Aggro Shaman, Dragon Warrior, Pirate Warrior and Dragon Priest.
  • SectorOne: Rank 1 Legend Decks – February #1 – Deck lists and short guides for 4 very successful decks: Jakephinney’s Yogg Control Warrior, Somitequila’s Jade Devolve Midrange Shaman, OpexAlex’s Yogg Jade Druid and Hoej’s RenoLock. Each one of those decks has hit #1 Legend.
  • HSReplays: Mulligan Luck in the Arena – HSReplays analyzed around 280k games, determining how drafting and drawing 1-drops (when going first/second) influences win rates of each class. An interesting piece for anyone, but especially for those who play a lot of Arena.


  • HearthPwn: The Trinity Series – A Hearthstone Team League Week 4 –  8 teams will compete for their share of $130,000 prize pool. This week’s matches were: Luminosity Gaming vs G2, Cloud9 vs Tempo Storm (February 8) and Alliance vs Virtus.Pro, Team Liquid vs Complexity (February 9). Games can be watched live on the esl_hearthstone Twitch channel every Wednesday and Thursday at 10AM PST (7PM CET). VoDs are available on the same Twitch channel.
  • Winter Playoffs are coming – Europe Winter Playoffs kick off this weekend. Since the deck lists were sent in advance, HearthPwn has already prepared a compilation of the most interesting line-ups, decklists and techs from pro players – you can see it here. Americas Playoffs will take place next weekend, so stay tuned!



If there are any more news from last week we might have missed, let us know in the comments. And, once again, if you have any suggestions for this series (or for the site in general!) we’d really appreciate if you’d let us know.

Good luck on the ladder and until next time!