Video Review on the Latest Spoiled GvG Card

These latest spoiled cards were CRAZY! Here's my video analysis of the latest GvG cards revealed so far!


Hello Hearthstone Players!

Its been some time since my last post here, quite some time actually! The reason behind my disappearance is that I came to realize that talking about the GvG cards without seeing the whole picture was a waste: I needed to see all the cards before start talking about everything that would happen to the game. At the same time I didn’t feel like posting guides that would get outdated in weeks would be a nice idea, so I just took some rest from writing.

But then the hype came! These latest spoiled cards were CRAZY! I really liked them so I decided to write something about them, but then I realized that if I were to write an article about 120+ Cards it would have over 20 pages and would be unbearable to read due to how long it would be, so I decided to start a video series to talk about every card spoiled on GvG!

To do this video, I invited a Legendary player that is also a friend of mine: Scott “Nash1” Shaw, to discuss with me about the cards and give you guys a little heads up on the GvG cards and how you should think about them!

I really hope you guys enjoy this video, I would like to apologize in advance given the fact english is not my first language! And if you do like this video I’ll make another one talking about the other cards that were spoiled before: their uses, if you should craft or DE them, the possibilities, etc!

With no more delays, here is the video!

Hope yall enjoy, peace!

PS: I would just like to add that after the video was done, Blizzard posted saying that the mine given by Iron Juggernaut doesnt stop the enemy from drawning a card from their deck that turn, which makes it so Iron Juggernaut isnt as OP as a I thought, but I still think its a strong card regardless of that!