Token Paladin Deck Guide: “Pawns & Kings”

V1ci0us presents his special unique Paladin deck that puts a heavy emphasis on tokens - utilizing the latest Naxxramas minion - Haunted Creeper!


Riccardo Zanocchio aka “v1ci0us” writing for I’ve been playing videogames for almost all my life, starting with an Intellevision going trough a C64, consoles and pc gaming.

During my teenage years, I also played a lot of MtG and stopped when I got hooked by online gaming . I turned pro playing Fps at the age of 21, won a medal at the World Cyber Game and a Cyber Professional League title. I travelled the world with my team and attended  all of the most prestigious tournaments during my career: WCG, ESWC, Cpl. Actually living in Prague, working as an online poker player and surfing during winter.

Deck concept: “Pawns & Kings”

“Pawns & Kings” is my original idea of a token Paladin deck. It relies on the synergy between low mana cost minions, the Paladin hero ability and the Knife Juggler ability for board control / advantage during the early game (turn 1/4). During mid game (turn 5/8) the token you have on board will be used as targets of your Blessing of Kings buff or sacrificed for trades with you Truesilver Champion and Hammer of Wrath, Consecration plus Equality will work as board swipe with practically no value loss for your minions.

Big threat removal will be provided by your Aldor Peacekeeper and Stampeding Kodo combo. Late game (Turn 9/10) will be supported by your big creatures as Guardian of Kings, Ragnaros the Firelord. Source of additional damage will be your Avenging Wrath that you can combo with Equality for board swipe. Cards draw and heal will be possible thanks to the Lay on Hands.


Knife Juggler x2

The Knife Juggler is core to the concept of this deck and synergies greatly with the Paladin ability. It should be played on turn 4 followed by an Argent Protector. You want to keep this card alive the most of the time possible, assisting it with a divine shield in key. Can be played with a Haunted Creeper on the board if there is the chance to activate it and of course after a turn three Imp Master.

You want the “Juggler” to express the maximum damage possible, one knife will not be enough, two being average and everything over three will be considered good. One of the best rare and two drops in the game.

Synergy: Argent Protector, Haunted Creeper, Imp Master, Hero ability

Argent Protector x2

I like to find good use for underrated cards and Argent Protector is one of the lot. A vanilla 2/2 for two mana that gives divine shield to a chosen target can turn games around and allow the deck to have a strong board presence and control during the early phase of the game: turn 1-4. Drawn in mid to late game it allow big creatures as the Guardian of Kings to trade 1 for 2 and even 3. His priority targets should be Faerie Dragon & the Knife Juggler.

Synergy: Faerie Dragon, Knife Juggler, any creature that will be able to trade 1 for 2.

Faerie Dragon x2

The Faerie Dragon is a card you will always keep in your hand during your mulling and should always been coined out during your turn 1 in case you are holding an Argent Protector. Thanks to its ability it allow board control, works very well versus aggro and will always be able to deal some damage, might it be face or an early trade. The fact that your opponent will not expect you to play this card it’s also a plus.

Synergy: Argent Protector

Haunted Creeper x2

Your last two drop is the newly released Haunted Creeper. Is a very good card that will be able to stick to the board for long, is a great target for your Blessing of Kings and synergies as a beauty with your Knife Juggler, allowing you to trow three knifes during turn four. This with Fearie Dragon should be your turn two favourite drop.

Synergy: Knife Juggler, Blessing of Kings.  

Imp Master x2

Another very underrated card that I like to play with and one of your “knife” engines of the deck. The Imp Master has a good body, create one token every turn that can be buffed and works hand in hand with the Knife Juggler. Is also a good target for your Blessing of King, giving you a 5/9 on board that release a 1/1 creature every turn. A much needed card for the concept of the deck the Imp Master will often be forgot on the board by your opponent not considering it as a major threat. Is your preparation card when holding a Blessing of King.

Synergy: Knife Juggler, Blessing of Kings.

aldor-peacekeeper x2

Considered by most the best three drop of the game the Aldor will find space in practically any Paladin deck. Is a strong 3/3 body for three mana with a much-needed ability to control aggression. Should be used in combo with the Stampeding  Kodo for single target removal and can be used to assist your Truesilver Champion to reduce the damage taken.

Synergy: Stampeding Kodo, Truesilver Champion

Stampeding Kodo x2

The Stampeding Kodo is a good 3/5 body and another source of “tempo gain” together with your Truesilver Champion. Should be played with the Aldor Peacekeeper but it will find it use also on turn 5 without the Aldor assist.

Synergy: Aldor Peacekeeper 

Guardian of Kings x2

The Guardian of Kings is core to the correct working of this deck. The six health heal is huge, two of them with the Lay on Hands and the double Truesilver Champion result in a total of 24 health gain. This card will work as a strong body on the board, face damage and is mostly and aggro counter. Card should always be played on turn sever if healing is needed.

Ragnaros the Firelord x1

Ragnaros is one of your late game winning condition. Is a much-needed card for this deck and best played as a finisher. On a traded board, with Truesilver available you will have a twelve damage turn. Another way to assist this legendary is to use the Truesilver Champion to clear the board and then play the Firelord.

Sea Giant x1

This oddball is my latest addition to the deck. Even if it synergies perfectly with the “token” concept of the deck I still think that running two of them would be overkill. Can be and should be played for a maximum of five mana so you should remember to activate that Haunted Creeper and play your Hero ability before summoning it. It synergies perfectly with the Imp Master too.

Synergy: Haunted Creeper, Imp Master, Hero ability.


Blessing of Kings x2

The Blessing of Kings should be used to buff your 1/1 token and used for a 1 for 2 trade. Always attack with looking for trade rather than playing it for face damage purpose since you will be exposed to silence.

Synergy: Imp Master, Haunted Creeper, Hero ability. 

Equality x2

Equality is one of your most valuable weapon in your arsenal for board control. It should be played in combo with Consecration or Avenging Wrath for best results allowing you to deal with aggro deck as Zoo. Considering the amount of token this deck is able to produce Equality will be useful even when not combined with this spells.

Synergy: Consecration, Avenging Wrath, Token based board.

Consecration x2

Consecration will help you dealing with aggro and should be kept in your hand during mulling when facing Warlocks. Combined with Equality is a great turn six board clear and can also be played when looking to clear board with tokens.

Synergy: Equality

Avenging Wrath x2

A very strong card indeed giving you the chance to deal eight points of damage for six mana. This card is great for board control and you will also find yourself using it as a finisher. Play it during turn eight with Equality for a complete board clear.

Synergy: Equality

Hammer of Wrath x1

Hammer of Wrath will fill your turn four, will work as a tempo gainer, and as a much-needed card draw for this deck. Play it assisted by the Truesilver Champion for big creatures removal.

Lay on Hands x1

Lay on Hands is your late game resource for health and mostly cards draw. Should be played with board control to extend your advantage. Remember you can also play  it to heal your Guardian of Kings to create a 1 for 2 trade situation or on your Sea Giant.


Truesilver Champion x2

Probably the strongest game changer of the deck and a superb tempo gainer the Truesilver Champion will almost always be kept in your hand during mullingan phase. This card is always good and will have precedence on the Blessing of Kings as turn four drop. Used for board control or for face damage depending on the situation.

The Combos

Turn 1: Coin Faerie Dragon followed by turn 2 Argent Protector for early board advantage and 1 for 2 trade.

Turn 4: Knife Juggler followed by Argent Protector on turn 4 and activate Haunted Creeper for a total of three damage. You are gaining an Arcane Missiles value for free while filling the board with a 3/2 with divine shield and a 2/2 for a total of four mana. If you played the Imp Master during turn three you reach a total of 4 free extra damage.

Turn 4: Knife Juggler followed by Argent Protector / Hero Ability / Haunted Creeper with Imp Master on board for a 2 free extra damage.

Turn 4: Blessing of King on Imp Master token for a 1 for 2 trade on a big creature you used Aldor Peacekeeper on.

Turn 4: Avenging Wrath plus Tokens for free trade.

Turn 5/8: Aldor Peacekeeper plus Stampeding Kodo.

Turn 5: Sea Giant with five creature on board for a five mana 8/8.

Turn 6: Equality plus Consecration for board clear.

Turn 8: Equality plus Avenging Wrath for board clear.


This deck, thanks to the strong board swipe and the massive amount of healing, will be able to perform well against any class.

It can be used for laddering and works very well in current meta. Leave your feedbacks and I’d gladly respond!