Tips for Hearthstone’s newest Tavern Brawl, Visions of Sayge

Sayge is all the rage.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’ve been playing Mage during Hearthstone’s Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, then you know Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon.

Hearthstone’s newest Brawl is called Visions of Sayge, named after the Legendary Mage minion who inspired it.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In this Brawl, each player gets the opportunity to choose one of two cards at the beginning of their turn. The card you don’t choose goes to your opponent. For this reason, you’ll have to pick wisely. You still draw a card from the top of your deck at the beginning of your turn. Even though Sayge is a Mage, the cards he offers you can be from any class.

Here are some basic tips and tricks for Hearthstone’s latest Tavern Brawl.

Play a class you know

In this Brawl, each player will have a pre-built deck. This means your only choice coming into the game is which class you want to play. Each pre-built deck offered in the Brawl is made to reflect popular Standard decks.

If you choose the class you’re most comfortable with, you have a better chance of understanding the flow of the deck you’re given. Though the lists we’ve seen don’t reflect any Standard deck to an exact measure, they’re close.

Avoid overdrawing

Since you’re getting an extra card every turn, you’ll notice your hand will fill up quickly. You’ll want to try to play enough cards on your turn so that you don’t overdraw. This is particularly difficult for classes like Mage and Priest who often discover more cards through spell effects or Deathrattles.

Though you shouldn’t compromise your strategy by playing a valuable late-game minion too early, you’ll still need to try your best to empty your hand when you can.

Go for tempo

The extra card provided each turn can cause things to heat up fast. That means you’ll want to keep pushing the action as much as possible. When picking the cards offered to you by Sayge, think about choices that allow for big tempo swings early on.

If you pick too many high-cost, big-value minions early, you’ll find yourself falling dangerously behind with an overcrowded hand during the mid-game. Picking low-cost cards that won’t overcrowd your hand will allow you to push the fight.

In boxing, one benefit of being the aggressor in a fight is that you don’t have to fight while retreating. Guys like Tyson Fury have a masterful way of forcing their opponents to fight off their back foot, not allowing them to move forward and generate momentum. Think of tempo in this Brawl from the perspective of a boxer who’s trying to overwhelm their opponent before they can move forward with a big shot.

As always, winning this Brawl will grant you one Classic card pack.