Three Decks for Week Three! – Part 2

Part 2 of this week series from Nuba – deck brewing with the cards from Military Quarter. This time the spot light is on the Priest class!


Three Decks for the Card-Game-Kings under the sky.

Now, enough with the Tolkien jokes relating the 3 rings for the 3 Elven Kings.

This deck is tricky, the main thing you should notice is that priest still has a lot of cards to benefit from in the coming Naxxramas wings, so this version is not final, nonetheless is a very strong version that you should consider playing during this week.

If you just bumped by this article without reading the others, this is the second of the 3 articles I made about possible decks you could try out during the Military Wing release week within the Naxxramas Launch event, I suggest you to try to find the other 2 articles, part 1 and 3, in our website’s database for the other options.

Different from the first deck, as said before, this deck is not final and will still improve a lot with coming cards, such as dark-cultist and zombie-chow, among others.

Second Deck: The Value Priest

The main idea of this deck is to make priest stronger, more resilient to meta shifts and less situational, you can notice that by the fact I took out yet another situational card: injured-blademaster, when comboed early with circle-of-healing is an extremely strong and tempo-generating play, but whenever that does not happen is just a sub-par minion.

So I decided to make priests matchup against aggro better, and added deathlord in its place, a less situational card that has its uses, this card can be even stronger in priest due to the fact you, as a Control Priest, already have a very strong late game, and the only thing you struggle is getting to that specific late game state, so the deathlord will help you closing that gap a lot more often than other early game options.

The reason behind me still not putting spectral-knight into this deck is the fact that I belive this guy will not have a lot of synergy with priest’s current plethora of spells and utility, as well as it does not synergize at all with priest’s hero power.

Q: Oh, but Nuba, then this guy will never be good!

A: Wrong! with the addition of dark-cultist in the fourth week of Naxxramas Launch Event, priests might benefit a lot from cards like sunfury-protector, and that is where the spectral-knight comes along. Because it indeed is a strong minion by itself, now it will be another card to generate value from off of the sunfury-protectors.

Now I have been play testing priest for a while. And even tho the class in its current state is not as bad as it was Pre-Naxxramas, it still has a lot to improve, fortunately the new cards seems to be doing a very good work on that, in case you were wondering, this is the version I used during the Plague Week:

Then yes, I was indeed using sludge-belcher, a card that I personally graded as 1/5 in my reviews*. Keep in mind I did not see the use this card would have had during the second and third weeks of the Naxxarams Release, and instead I thought about it as a total use, after Naxxramas was completely out. I still believe the Belcher is a weak card, but definitely not a 1/5 as I said before. I belive a 2/5 would fit better.

*: are you interested in reading those reviews? Here are the links:

[UPDATE!]Some Post-Playtesting Results

After a lot of playtesting, I came to some conclusions, obvious one as the matter of fact, but nice ones and I would like to share it with all of you.

  • Deathlord indeed destroys aggro. The number of games against Zoo where it took 3 or even more cards to get killed were too high. Of all the games I ended up putting a Deathlord down against Zoo, only 1 out of 5 resulted in a loss, and even then the state of the board was already too compromised.
  • People indeed changed their decks into more resilient decks, control is being played more often and Deathlord should not be played in this kind of meta.
  • I do not recommend you to play Deathlord in this meta. Yes, it is a good card AGAINST AGGRO, and aggro only. The meta is heavy on midrange and control decks, which makes it so Deathlord becomes incredibly bad.

Injured Blademaster ended up comming back to the deck for better results, sadly we still dont have Dark Cultist ):

A little of Week-Four Theorycrafting

Since most of you, priest lovers, will be interested in knowing a little more about my Theory crafting for the next week, I already gave some hints about spectral-knights, dark-cultists and sunfury-protectors coming in, so let us think a little about how this list would look like, let us take the initial week 3 list in comparison, my initial thoughts are:

-1 shadow-word-pain

-1 shadow-word-death

-2 deathlord

-2 sludge-belcher

+2 sunfury-protector

+2 dark-cultist

+2 spectral-knight


I really hope you all enjoyed what you got so far, the part 3 will come a little later since it is already 2 AM and I have to get up at 6 AM to get to university today, I did not have time during the day because I was buying a new car (yay!), and I could only start on working on these articles at night. Nonetheless I hope you got a lot of directions so far of what to do with your decks not only this week, but the followings also in Priest’s specific case.

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