This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Road to Northrend

Back in working order.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If this Hearthstone Brawl sounds familiar, don’t worry—you aren’t stuck in a time loop.

Road to Northrend was set to be last week’s Tavern Brawl, but it was swapped due to technical difficulties. That means this week will be the first time players get the opportunity to test the Brawl without game-breaking bugs looming over them.

In this Brawl, players will get to work alongside Reno Jackson and the League of Explorers in an attempt to summon a portal to Northrend. Those familiar with Warcraft lore will recognize Northrend as the frozen wasteland that’s home to Ice Crown Citadel and the Lich King.

This Brawl acts as a preconstructed dungeon run, meaning you’ll have a pre-built deck and face eight different opponents. Each opponent will have their own unique deck and Hero Power. If you’re only in the Tavern Brawl for your free pack, you won’t need to run through the entire dungeon. After defeating the first boss, you’ll receive your free pack.

The first boss you face will be Reno’s Junkpile. The Pile has a passive Hero Power that draws and casts a random spell from its deck anytime it’s damaged. This means anytime you damage the Junkpile, you can expect a random spell with random targets to be coming your way.

The Junkpile is a huge fan of low-cost Mage spells. You can expect it to drop a lot of Mirror Image or Arcane Missle type spells. The Junkpile only has 20 health, though. This makes it easy to ignore almost everything the pile is doing and rush face.

The biggest hurdle when facing the Junkpile is a card called Animated Armor. This card makes it so that the pile can only take one damage at a time. As long as you don’t let these stick on the board, cutting the Junkpile down to size should be a breeze.

After defeating the Junkpile, you’ll earn your free Classic Pack. If you choose to continue, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your deck with new cards, just like an actual dungeon run. You can test your mettle on the Road to Northrend for the next week.