More TGT Lists! Legendary Versions!

The Grand Tournament has been a blast for every deck-builder out there, and while we still have a lot of testing to do, a lot of cards to craft and a lot of calculation to make, we can already separate a lot of good strategies from bad ones. Now that TGT has been out for […]


The Grand Tournament has been a blast for every deck-builder out there, and while we still have a lot of testing to do, a lot of cards to craft and a lot of calculation to make, we can already separate a lot of good strategies from bad ones. Now that TGT has been out for almost a week we can have a glimpse of what decks are good.

Today’s article is to show you guys a bunch of Legend-Rank viable Deck lists, for you to either use to compete in the Legendary Ladder, or simply to achieve the Legend rank yourself.

All of these decklists have been tested by myself, and although I didn’t achieve Legend with them (I got to Legend this season playing last week article’s Paladin list) I was able to playtest these lists a lot and do some small tweaks on them, making them perform better.

Keep in mind all of these deck lists have been piloted to the Legendary rank by somebody, that they are all viable and stronger than some of the previously showed lists.

Midrange Mage

One week ago we showed a grinder mage list, and that list changed so much, so much, that it ended up becoming a Tempo Mage list.

This list incorporates the new TGT Legendary rhonin in order to generate late-game value with both archmage-antonidas and flamewaker. To follow that strategy, toshley was also added to the list – according to the list’s creator, Toshley is the best possible 6-drop for this deck, beating even Sylvanas in the playtests.

I liked this list, it has the potential of generating a lot of tempo and winning with pure pressure, and different from other classes’ Midrange decks, this one’s pressure is such that this deck doesn’t even need Healing in order to win longer games – This deck however is very weak against Hunter, and in case Hunter becomes strong once again in the metagame, feel free to swap the azure-drake for antique-healbot.

Control Warrior

This week we are dropping the Dragon wagon and going into another version of Control Warrior. One a lot greedier than last week. Following the Midrange trend we had this week: Bigger = Better, this deck aims to take the maximum value out of varian-wrynn – Getting either minions with Deathrattle, Charge or Taunt – so you don’t get behind by the fact he is a 10-mana minion.

Baron Geddon is another minion that gives you instant value with Varian, but somehow gimmick: you would rather choose when you drop this minion. This card has been added to the deck to fight the Paladin and Shaman rise on the ladder – Last week’s decks are still the strongest possible lists to play.

There are still some problems with Varian, but overall I believe that if any version of Warrior Control is capable of running him, this is the one. People have already achieved legend with a very similar list, but I decided it was time to upgrade it into something better.

This is also another field-tested list, and a top 100 one by the way.

Combo Druid

With the rise of Control Warrior, so came the bunch of Combo Druids to prey upon these Warriors.

Combo Druid is the traditional Control Warrior counter, and it is only natural to see such a deck being worked on right now, given the rise in Control Warrior.

Some lists are not using wild-growth right now, as some players see the darnassus-aspirant as enough Ramp and would rather just add a couple of living-roots to the deck to fight possible aggro opponents (including the new Secret Paladin). I however disagree with such players, and would rather just use more Ramp.

In case you want to use Living Roots in this list, go ahead and replace Wild Growth with it. You will be losing part of your power against Midrange and Control decks, but gaining power against Aggro decks, I guess it all depends on what you are facing the most.

This list (with Living Roots) has been piloted recently to top 50 NA Legend.

Secret Paladin

Another deck that is on the rise is Secret Paladin. The lists are still changing a lot, and this is the most updated list we currently have access to.

The deck relies on taking huge advantage of mysterious-challenger, getting 4-5 secrets out and winning the game through massive tempo.

If this deck keeps on rising in the ranks, a possible Midrange Hunter with flare might end up popping up, so keep an eye out for that (seeing as this is the only counter to this deck).

This deck is pretty consistent, has a lot of early game and draws tons of cards against Midrange Decks, seeing as over half of this deck costs below 2-mana. The deck does need to draw into Mysterious Challenger in order to win, but overall the odds of doing so by turn 6 are huge, so I believe this deck is a pretty strong one for you to climb the ladder.


So many changes in the metagame in the past few days, new decks showing up, different strategies, the metagame is just too good right now, I love it!

I hope you guys liked the list posted in this article!

I would like to thank the donor from last week that helped me getting Rhonin and Varian so I could playtest more decks and make better and stronger versions for you guys to play with! 😀

I haven’t finished my full collection yet – I actually barely have half the playable TGT Legendaries – so if you wish to donate me so I can finish the collection and get more decklists rolling for you guys, feel free to push the “Tip the Author” button, you’ll be helping me a lot <3

And this is it for tonight boys and girls, here is me hoping you have been enjoying getting these “list of lists” posted on our website, I have been playtesting tons and tons of lists so I can give you guys the best possible lists 😀

Love you guys, see you later!