Test Your Knowledge with this Hearthstone Quiz! #4 (TGT Special)

Episode #1 Episode #2 Episode #3 Episode #4 (TGT Special) Hearthstone Players welcome back again for the fourth episode of the Hearthstone Quiz! If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, you can check them out above. Sorry for the delay between last episode and this one. With TGT release, we had a lot of stuff to do, but […]

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Hearthstone Players welcome back again for the fourth episode of the Hearthstone Quiz! If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, you can check them out above.

Sorry for the delay between last episode and this one. With TGT release, we had a lot of stuff to do, but the Quiz is back! We’ve decided to make this episode into TGT Special – every question is related to TGT cards in some way. It means that they might be easier, since we haven’t discovered all the niche interactions yet, but we hope you’ll find them enjoyable.

Each episode is going to feature 9 questions divided into 3 categories – Easy, Medium and Hard. It’s not perfect, because question difficulty might be subjective, but we hope that everyone finds some challenges when doing the Quiz.

When it comes to the scoring, you can calculate your own points if you want. It’s not necessary, but if you want to see your score and compare it to other people, here is the deal. Easy questions are worth 2 points, Medium questions 3 points and Hard questions 4 points each! It means that in total, you can score up to 27 points. If the question has more than one part, you need to answer everything correctly to get the points.

We’ve also asked some of the pro players from our Team HSP to answer the questions, so you can you can compare your answers with theirs. This episode features Kabi and Lucky! If you want to know more about the team, check out this page.

Let’s start with Hearthstone Quiz #4!

Difficulty: Easy

Question 1

What happens when the card with Joust mechanic is played and both players have no minions left in their decks?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 1″]

Kabi: Never seen it happen, but I assume you “lose”. They probably made it so if you have no minions it counts as “0”, so you would tie, which equals to losing. Would be interesting to test no minion vs Wisp in clash.

Lucky: The joust is lost.

Answer: The player with 0 minions left in his deck always loses the joust. If both players have no minions left in their decks, it means they tie. And in joust ruling, tie is a loss, meaning no – Joust can’t be won if there are no minions left in either deck. Kabi made a good point about the Wisp, though, I’ll have to test it!



Question 2

Can Sideshow Spelleater copy upgraded Hero Powers? (upgraded = not the ones you start with, e.g. Shadowform or those changed by Justicar Trueheart)

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 2″]

Kabi: Yes.

Lucky: Yes, it can.

Answer: When it comes to PvP games, Sideshow Spelleater can copy any Hero Power, including the ones from changed Heroes like Ragnaros (Majordomo Executus) or Lord Jaraxxus. The only thing it doesn’t work on are PvE Bosses Hero Powers (the ones from Adventures), which is understandable, because a lot of them are broken and the main reason some Bosses are hard.



Question 3

Priest player has Auchenai Soulpriest on the board and Power Word: Glory played on enemy minion. Does the Priest get healed or damaged when enemy attacks with that minion on his turn?


Kabi: Priest takes damage.

Lucky: Priest takes 4 damage.

Answer: This is actually a pretty common mistake – I’ve seen it couple of times in Arena and even in high level Constructed play once. Even though Power Word: Glory triggers on enemy’s turn and it’s enemy who attacks – it’s still counted as your spell. Auchenai Soulpriest’s text states that YOUR cards and Hero Power deal damage instead of healing. Since it’s your card, it “heals” you for 4 and Auchenai changes it to 4 damage. Meaning those cards don’t combo really well.


Difficulty: Medium

Question 4

What happens when Warlock plays Fist of Jaraxxus when Counterspell Secret is play on the opposing side?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 4″]

Kabi: Nothing, unless you have a Tiny Knight of Evil, at which point it would get +1/+1… Counterspell works in weird ways.

Lucky: Counterspell triggers and Fist Of Jaraxxus doesn’t do anything.

Answer: The question may seem obvious at the first sight, but it’s not that easy. Just like Kabi said, for the purposes of Tiny Knight of Evil, Counterspell counts as a “discard”. But when you Counterspell Fist of Jaraxxus, it works just like any other spell – the effect just doesn’t trigger. The explanation I’ve heard is that the spell’s effect is first “Silenced” and then the spell card is discarded. Meaning the discard does indeed happen, but since the effect is first Silenced, Fist of Jaraxxus no longer does something when it’s discarded.



Question 5

Druid player has three Fallen Heroes on the board. How much damage his Hero Power deals in total?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 5″]

Kabi: 1 damage. Fallen Hero says “deals 1 extra damage”, but Druid’s Hero Power doesn’t do damage, it just gives you attack.

Lucky: Still 1 damage.

Answer: Just like Kabi mentioned, the Fallen Hero specifically states that your Hero Power deals one extra damage. So it works only on Hero Powers that actually deal damage – Life Tap (it deals 3 damage to you with Fallen Here on the board(, Steady Shot, Mind Spike. Whereas Shapeshift states that it gives you +1 Attack this turn. Meaning Fallen Hero doesn’t work on it.



Question 6

When Paladin plays Enter the Coliseum while having more than one “highest Attack minion” (e.g. 8 is his highest Attack and he has 3 minions with 8 Attack), how many minions survive? Which one(s)?


Kabi: I think it was one random minion survives.

Lucky: Only one minion survives at random.

Answer: That’s right. If on either side there is more than one “highest Attack minion”, the one who wins is chosen at random. This is Hearthstone, after all.


Difficulty: Hard

Question 7

Hunter has Acidmaw along couple of other 2+ Health minions on the board. (for example: Acidmaw, Mad Scientist and Knife Juggler – all at full health) Can opponent’s Arcane Missiles hit a minion more than once? (excluding Acidmaw itself)

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 7″]

Kabi: Unsure, since each single hit triggers Acidmaw, but I think death resolves after they take damage, so the minions in example can take up to 2 damage.

Lucky: Yes, it’s possible.

Answer: Acidmaw’s effect puts a minion in a state that’s not death yet. I don’t know how it’s called, let’s say it’s “pending death”. The “pending death” status actually turns into the “dead” status only after other effects are resolved. This means that if you hit Grim Patron for 1 damage while Acidmaw is on the board, the new still spawns before the old one dies. This also means that random effects like Arcane Missiles can hit the same target more than once, even if Acidmaw already spit on it and it’s going to die anyway. Random effects like that ignore minions that are already at 0 health (also pending death), but doesn’t ignore the ones that are going to die from “poison” effect.



Question 8

Priest has Hobgoblin on the board and plays the Wyrmrest Agent. What stats the Wyrmrest Agent ends up having if Priest hasn’t got a Dragon in his hand? What are the stats if Priest has Dragon in his hand?


Kabi: If priest has a Dragon its a 4/6, if Priest does not have a Dragon, 3/6.

Lucky: 3/6 and 4/6 respectively, Hobgoblin triggers first.

Answer: Minions do enter play before their Battlecries are resolved. Hobgoblin’s effect buffs a minion when it enters the play – meaning it works before any Battlecries (or Auras) can occur yet. It means that first the Wymrest Agent is going to be buffed and only then, if you are holding a Dragon, it gets +1 Attack and taunt. So if you don’t have a Dragon, it’s a 3/6 without a Taunt, and if you do – it’s a 4/6 with Taunt.



Question 9

Rogue’s only minion on the board is Cutpurse. Enemy also has an empty board and Misdirection in play. Does the Rogue get Coin(s) when he attacks enemy? If he does, how many?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 9″]

Kabi: 2 coins.

Lucky: I think Rogue gets two coins.

Answer: It’s a really interesting interaction and I’m still unsure whether it’s a bug or intended behavior. When you attack with a Cutpurse into Misdirection and it redirects the attack into your own Hero, you actually get 2 coins. One when you initiate the attack onto enemy Hero and second one when the attack is redirected into your Hero. What’s worth noting is that if you run the Cutpurse into enemy Freezing Trap, you don’t get any Coins – trap triggers before you get it.



The TGT episode turned out to be pretty easy and we’re well aware of that. A lot of TGT interactions weren’t discovered yet or at least we don’t know about them, so stay tuned for more and harder TGT questions in the future. Both of our players got the max score, congratulations to them!

Kabi: 27/27

Lucky: 27/27


So, that’s it for the TGT special. Thank you guys for sticking with us. W hope you’ve enjoyed this episode too. I encourage you to share your scores, questions and ideas in the comment section below 🙂

If you have any ideas for questions we can use in future, hit me up at [email protected] and if they aren’t on my list already, I’ll be sure to add them in future, giving you a credit for coming up with a question.