SuperJJ Is The New SeatStory Cup Champion

Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen managed to win his first offline championship, taking home $10,000 at SeatStory Cup IV.

Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen managed to win his first offline championship, taking home $10,000 at SeatStory Cup IV.

The German player, currently playing for compLexity Gaming, emerged victorious from a tournament featuring some of the biggest names in the Hearthstone competitive scene, which is not an easy feat. Coming in, SuperJJ was considered an underdog since he had no previous experience in competing at this level of tournaments, even though he is well respected as an avid ladder player with many high legend finishes.

In the group stage, he managed to overcome serious obstacles such as Sjow, ThijsNL, Zalae, and Powder although he lost to one of the surprises of the tournament, Dan “Frodan” Chou, who managed to reach the playoffs and the top 8 players before later losing to SuperJJ in a very close 4-3. After avenging Frodan, SuperJJ proceeded to win another close series, 4-3, against Tempo Storm’s Petar “Gaara” Stevanovic and advance to the finals where he would meet with Stanislav “StanCifka” Cifka. The series was devastating for StanCifka, as SuperJJ steamrolled his opponent with his Freeze Mage, finishing 5-0. Nonetheless, StanCifka walked away with a respectable $4,000 and a second place finish.

SuperJJ wins the SeatStory Cup.

As a recap, in the playoffs we saw the defending champion, Jon “Orange” Westberg, losing a fierce 4-3 to Zalae (who was later beaten by StanCifka 4-1) and abandoning the chance to reclaim his throne. The Assembly Winter 2015 winner, Teun “Vortex” Eielts, also lost to the Starladder Season 1 and Dreamhack Bucharest 2015 champion, StanCifka, in the playoffs 4-2. Finally, the 2014 Dreamhack Bucharest champion, Gaara, wrecked Reckful in a 4-0 series.

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