Streamer and pro decks from day one of Knights of the Frozen Throne

Here are some decks to try.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, has been out for a day. And already players are scrambling to try and find the best lists to play.

Hero cards are obviously taking precedence for many players, but others have already tried them and cast them aside in favor of other approaches.

With that in mind, here are five decks that the pros are trying right now. Give one of them a go—if you got the right legendaries from your packs.

If you have a good knowledge of pro Hearthstone players, there’s a good chance that you would be able to guess who made this list. Prolific control player Cong “StrifeCro” Shu.

StrifeCro is making use of three new legendaries in this deck, including the powerful Paladin Hero card.

With lots of early game Divine Shield it can actually get pretty decent early game presence. Mid game draw might be a problem, but just keep hold of the board before those powerful end game minions can swing it for yo

“J4CKIECHAN” might me a meme lover, but he also makes serious decks. Sometimes.

The Warlock Hero card is the only one that costs ten mana, and J4ckie tries to make the most of its effect here. This deck is packed with Warlock Demon cards to try and get a big swing from the Hero Battlecry. Defile is proving to be just as strong as everyone predicted, too.

The Lich King also shows up in this deck—expect to see him in almost every control deck, at least for the time being.

This Druid deck from from Chris “Feno” Tsako might look like it doesn’t have enough minions, but the swings from the spells are really strong.

Spreading Plague, along with Strongshell Scavenger, is such a great way to claw back the board. Ultimate Infestation was a card that took its licks early on, but in this deck it works really well. The armor gain from that and the Hero card are great for survivability too.

And who can say no to a pair of Arcane Giants to slam down?

While some players are going in the direction of secrets with Hunter, Thijs Molendijk is playing control.

Control Hunter has been the white whale for some players forever. It’s never been viable because of how linear the hero power of the class is. Now with the Hero card to change that, players are hoping a slower Hunter can finally be viable.

This N’Zoth list pushes Deathrattles as far as they can go, with cards like Infested Wolk and Bearshark. Savannah Highmane, one of Hunter’s best cards, doesn’t quite make the cut right now though.

Of course, a Warrior list focused around Whirlwinds to take advantage of the new Hero card hero power. Except where is the Death Knight?

Well, Louis “Mitsuhide” Bremers has already cut the new Hero card because it’s just too slow. Tempo Warrior was a powerful deck for a time last year, and that’s the direction this deck is heading too.

The Hero card doesn’t make the cut, but Rotface does. That card has been performing better than expected for some players so far.