14 May 2016 - 16:08

StarLadder i-League Season 2: Group B Recap

StarLadder i-League Season 2 has kicked off and Group B has already shown who are the best contenders. Let's see what happened.

The second edition of the StarLadder i-League Season kicked off a couple of days ago and Group B concluded with some interesting results yesterday. Artem "DrHippi" Kravets managed to emerge victorious after a couple of harsh best-of-seven series, advancing to the final.

DrHippi, a name that has been showing up a lot in the Hearthstone scene lately and has been signed by Virtus.Pro, first faced Team Dignitas' greensheep. The latter won the first match with his Aggro Shaman against DrHippi's Freeze Mage. The matches went on and after a couple of games the score was drawed at 3-3. The last match found DrHippi once again on his Freeze Mage and greensheep on his Miracle Rogue. The game was pretty intense and DrHippi managed to overturn the game and take the desired win.

Up next, DrHippi faced Natus Vincere's Hoej who also pressed him and was winning with a 3-1 soon enough. However Hoej was left with his Shaman to close the series but he just could not make it. That almost happened on the last game as Hoej was preparing for a lethal but DrHippi topdecked a Leeroy Jenkins and sealed his win, advancing to the next round against Firebat. The series were close once again and Leeroy Jenkins made his appearance for once more to save DrHippi. In the series-defining game where DrHippi leaded with a 3-2 against the ex-World Champion, the American had set up his lethal for next turn, but thanks to Leeroy Jenkins and a Bloodthistle Toxin created by Xaril, Poisoned Mind, he managed to seal the series one last time.

The rest of the matches in Group B were pretty exciting as well. One of the bigger names in Group B, Purple, did not come up to the expectations as he first lost with a 4-2 against PavelBeltukov and then with a devastating 4-0 against AKAWonder. Greensheep made his way to round three of the Lower Bracket after winning against OverKgePge and PavelBeltukov and Hoej defeated AKAWonder with a close 4-3, so the two will be playing against each other in order to advance in round 4 and play against Firebat. 

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