Standard Class Ranks – One Deck for Each Class

Hello and welcome to another Power Rankings!! Well, damn. Power Rankings is quite impossible right now, as the metagame is shifting faster than ever before. However, we are still able to make some awesome articles, including a Rank of the best classes in the game right now with a sample decklist for each and every […]


Hello and welcome to another Power Rankings!!

Well, damn. Power Rankings is quite impossible right now, as the metagame is shifting faster than ever before.

However, we are still able to make some awesome articles, including a Rank of the best classes in the game right now with a sample decklist for each and every one of them!

So, hope you guys like these ranks and lets get right into the action!

Rank 1 – Warrior

Warrior remains the best class in the game as of right now.

The metagame changes and shifts like never before, but there always seems to be Warrior decks at the very top, and not only that – Every Warrior strategy at this point is a Top Tier tournament pick, regardless of how you choose your line-up – This happens because all the Warrior options: Tempo Warrior, Pirate Warrior and Control Warrior; are very good at what they do, making the class a powerhouse.

Of course, the class having so many powerful and distinct strategies also makes it a powerful Ladder option, as the number of available options not only are strong enough to compete, they also mess the opponent’s Mulligan choices.

As of deck’s choice, this week i’ll go with Pavel’s Top 5 Legend Dragon N’Zoth Warrior Control list as the one to represent the class.

Rank 2 – Shaman

Shaman takes the slot as the second best class in the game right now.

Much like Warrior, Shaman has very powerful – yet different – strategies for you to play with, and while these strategies are not as diverse as Warrior’s, they have their bonuses.

What makes Shaman such a good class despite the inconsistent cards and overloads is that the Shaman’s early game cards such as tunnel-trogg and totem-golem are powerful enough that they can steal games here and there on their own, giving the class the burst element without losing anything in the process.

Despite being good, Shamans are still inconsistent and can lose games if they don’t get a good start, and because of this I don’t think it’ll be taking Warrior’s spot any time soon.

As of Deck Lists, i’ll choose the Midrange-Aggro Hybrid list that was being played by XiXo when he got top 10 a week ago on his stream as the best list for the class right now.

Rank 3 – Warlock

And to finish it off our “Classes with multiple powerful strategies” list we have Warlocks, with both Zoo and Renolock’s variations.

Warlocks fluid power has never been a shock to anyone. Since the beginning of time Warlock has always had at least 2 viable strategies, not to mention also the not-so-usual Warlock lists we see here and there like that one Dragon Control we saw a couple of days ago.

As far as Warlock decks go, Zoo is always the most played – it is simple, effective, cheap, fast and powerful -, and it would’ve been our deck of choice, but since we all already know how Zoo decks are built, and even their strongest build (which is likely to be the same one from a month ago) today’s Warlock featured deck is our beloved Dragon Renolock list, which I still believe to be the strongest Renolock list in the game.

Rank 4 – Hunter

With the Rise of Warrior, Midrange Hunter comes up in the ranks, preying on Warrior’s mechanics by running a bunch of persistent Deathrattle minions, forcing the Warrior into requiring multiple tools to deal with it, while keep the pressure going in multiple ends. Midrange Hunter also has a “oh shit!” button, and in case everything fails, call-of-the-wild is hell-on-earth for Warriors to deal with, as it’ll usually take at least 2 Warrior cards to deal with the whole board presence put by Call of the Wild, and since Warrior has been having to deal with the constant flow of threats, they’ll usually fail somewhere along the road.

But Hunter’s power isn’t only given thanks to Warriors, as the deck itself is indeed pretty consistent against most lists out there.

There are quite a lot of different Hunter versions around the ladder, and it always depends on what you are aiming to deal with, the 2-drop slot for Hunters is quite fluid, as you can run anything from aggressive minions to doomsayers.

Today’s chosen Decklist is Nickchipper’s one, which is absurdly good against Warriors.

Rank 5 – Rogue

Rogues haven’t evolved much, and I don’t think they will either.

Truth be told, Rogues got nearly nothing from Whispers of the Old Gods besides xaril-poisoned-mind and that has limited Rogues acting strategies to very specific decks.

Some people have been trying different Rogue strategies, but in the end they always end up being some tempo-oriented deck that is only capable of doing one thing.

Malygos Rogue is resurging, as people are trying different strategies with it, but they all seem just a lot slower than traditional rogue with no real upside, so for this edition’s deck of choice we’ll still have to go with standard Miracle Rogue, sadly.

Rank 6 – Paladin

Talk about classes that haven’t evolved much, Control Paladin was ultimately substituted by Control Warrior.

“And why is that?” you would ask me. Truth be told, despite being better on a combat, Warriors simply have a much better matchup across the board, they also don’t seem to have Paladin’s weaknesses, and overall every classes weakness to that matter which is not being able to go above 30 health.

Today’s deck of Choice is my personal Paladin Control list, which is better than the tournament versions for the Ladder climb, and is the one I would recommend in case you are a Paladin lover.

Rank 7 – Priest

So Priests actually moved up in the ranks. This happens because N’Zoth Priest actually worked, but then kinda of got abandoned along the way for being… well, a Priest deck.

Priests will always be at the border of the metagame, for two reasons:

  1. It is inconsistent.
  2. It is a lot harder to play than other classes.

Despite the reasons why people eventually Drop priests, I believe Priests to be on a “ok” spot right now: they’re good against Zoo and Shaman while being very good against Warriors, Priests are also decent against Hunters so if you either love Priests or want to improve, I would recommend checking it again as it seems like a decent pick to ladder with right now.

Rank 8 – Druid

Well, people aren’t enjoying Druids very much right now, but I have to say Druid’s position isn’t very far from the other 7 classes above it.

This is what I am enjoying the most about this metagame: everything is good. You can literally play any of the 8 existing classes (Kappa) and you’ll do fine, and this is not a lie to Druid decks.

Druids however aren’t very good in dealing with board-flooding decks such as Zoo and Shamans, this has always been an undeniable truth, meaning the class becomes underplayed – Not because it is bad, but because it is being countered by the best decks in the game.

As far as lists goes, I would recommend Stonekeeper’s ugly hair Ramp Druid list as it seems well rounded up 😀

Rank 9 – Mage

And to the only real bad class in the game right now: Mage.

Mages got arguably nothing from WOG apart from an ethereal-conjurer pick against Control, while it lost nearly the totality of its deck bases in the rotation (which weren’t even good to begin with).

Now mages are in a very precarious position: Freeze Mage is too slow and vulnerable to be anywhere near the top, Tempo Mage is the most inconsistent thing you can choose to play with, and Reno Mage… well, I like Reno Mage, I have been playing it together with my random version of C’Thun Tempo Mage, but in the end it is just a much weaker version of other Ladder decks.

If Mages are to find a decent version along the way, I would probably risk my money on a Reno list, maybe a N’Zoth Reno Mage deck or a C’Thun Reno Mage deck, still can’t quite tell, but since we’re still in the process of making such decks, today’s Mage deck of choice is our old-known Reno Mage.


And this is it for today’s Article!

I really wanted to make a Power Rankings, but as I told you guys it has been impossible to do so right now given how the ladder is shifting so quickly!

I hope you guys enjoy the lists presented to you, and I see you all around in our next Decks to Play article, which should be posted in a few days, so stay tuned in Hearthstoneplayers for more decks!

In the meantime, i’ll be testing some different Reno Mage lists, I think I am close to something playable 😀