Some of Hearthstone’s Imprisoned minions could have bugged interactions

Is it a bug or a bad interaction?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As with any new Hearthstone expansion, it’s understandable if a few bugs slip through the cracks. But one bug plaguing Ashes of Outland causes you to lose quite a bit of value with regard to Imprisoned minions.

One player outlined an issue he encountered with Imprisoned Vilefiend. This card is a two-cost 3/5 Demon that goes Dormant for two turns and then awakens with Rush. The player said his opponent played Imprisoned Vilefiend after equipping Sword of Justice. This card is a three-cost 1/5 weapon with an effect that gives a minion +1/+1 after you summon it and removes one durability from Sword of Justice.

After the player’s opponent played Imprisoned Vilefiend while using Sword of Justice, his weapon lost one durability. But when the Vilefiend awoke, it was still just a 3/5. This means the Sword of Justice effect tried to work but was unable to buff the Dormant minion. Other fans pointed out similar issues they’ve encountered surrounding Imprisoned minions and the Dormant mechanic.

Another issue that players have encountered revolves around Imprisoned Sungill and his interaction with Murgurgle Prime. When Prime summons random Murlocs, he gives them all Divine Shield. If he summons Imprisoned Sungill, it won’t have Divine Shield when it awakens. This could be the intended interaction and not a bug, however.

Dormant minions awakening isn’t technically a summon, but some minion effects treat them like a summon while others don’t. For example, Murloc Tidecaller gains +2 attack whenever you summon a minion. If you play Imprisoned Sungill alongside Murloc Tidecaller, the Tidecaller will be buffed when you summon the minion and when it awakens.

Though the interaction between Sungill and Murgurgle Prime could be intended, fans seem to agree that the issue with Vilefiend and Sword of Justice is a bug. Since Sword of Justice loses durability in the scenario but is unable to buff a minion, it seems unlikely that this could be the intended interaction.