Shaman gets even more Spell School synergy in Hearthstone with Wrathspine Enhancer

There’s a lot of value here if you’re unwilling to embrace the randomness.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With careful deckbuilding and the right hand composition, this Hearthstone minion can provide incredible value for Shaman players.

Playing a seven-cost 5/4 minion is a big ask. You will need to give us something really rather special to make this worth our time, Blizzard.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Turns out the devs did just that. This Shaman minion is called Wrathspine Enhancer, a Naga with a very powerful Battlecry effect that reads, “Cast a copy of a Fire, Frost and Nature spell from your hand (targets chosen randomly).

This is a very powerful effect even if you’re not willing to roll the dice on the random effect. Fill your deck with card draw, AoE removal tools, and other such things, and suddenly this is just a free extra copy of some of the most powerful tools in your deck.

There is also significant synergy at play here. Shamans have already received other cards in this set that synergize with playing multiple spells from a variety of Spell Schools. Coral Keeper and Radiance of Azshara both grant powerful benefits if you’re able and willing to put Nature, Frost, and Fire spells in your deck.

There’s also the neutral Multicaster, which won’t be rotating out just yet, guaranteeing a nifty bit of card draw along the way should you be interested in building a deck around these synergies.

Wrathspine Enhancer, along with the rest of the Voyage to the Sunken City set, will release on April 12.