Rogue gets a new Epic Spell in The Witchwood

Is this worth an inclusion in your next Rogue deck?

After the first full day of card spoilers, we are now very much in thick of expansion hype for The Witchwood.

More cards are going to be revealed every day, at least for the next two weeks—so get used to the theorycrafting and speculation. This card was revealed by Thai streamer TarGrean earlier this morning.

WANTED! is a four mana Epic Rogue Spell. The card deals three damage to a minion only, and if that minion dies a Coin is added to your hand.

The Coin has always been a big part of Rogue’s flavor in Hearthstone. From Cutpurse to Counterfeit Coin, generating extra free mana is something the class is very good at. However, this is a pretty pricey spell. Obviously the Coin offers flexibility, but if we discount that this is just three damage for three mana at best.

Comparing to other class cards isn’t always a fair comparison, but that’s pretty pricey when compared to the damage output from other classes.

The next card reveal is in two hours’ time.