Release date and more revealed for Hearthstone’s Rise of Shadows solo adventure, the Dalaran Heist

Are you ready for more single player action?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Last month, Hearthstone released its newest expansion, Rise of Shadows. But now, Blizzard has unveiled a ton of information regarding the Rise of Shadows solo adventure, the Dalaran Heist, including its release date.

Hearthstone fans can expect to play the new solo mode on May 16. The Rise of Shadows solo mode will bring a variety of new features to the single-player campaign of Hearthstone, including the introduction of a year-long plot.

Blizzard plans to have every solo adventure released during the Year of the Dragon follow one overarching storyline. When Rise of Shadows was announced, we learned that storyline would follow a dastardly group of villains from Hearthstone’s past.

It looks like we’ll be assisting those villains by taking part in the Dalaran Heist. Similar to Tavern Brawl’s like Henchmania, during the Dalaran Heist, we’ll play one of nine henchmen from the League of EVIL. There will be one henchman for each class. Players will be able to complete mini-quests to unlock additional decks and hero powers to further customize their loadout during a run.

The team plans on taking us through the journey as if we’re reading chapters in a book. Each chapter will contain unique bosses and include a rule that’s present throughout the run. One rule given as an example was that for the entire run, the attack and health of all minions would be swapped.

The first chapter will be available for free with the launch of the Dalaran Heist. After finishing chapter one, the second chapter of the adventure will become available for purchase immediately. Three additional chapters will be released in the following weeks.

The Dalaran Heist starts on May 16.