Rdu wins DreamHack Summer 2016

After a couple of days of action, Rdu wins DreamHack Summer 2016, marking his second DH win.

DreamHack Summer 2016 concluded yesterday and Dima “Rdu”Radu of G2 eSports is the winner of the event, cashing $8,000and 15 HCT points.

Rdu managed to win the whole thing after making his waythrough the 16-man playoffs. Firstly, he faced Kobe “Guukboii” VanSchepdael, a lesser known Belgian player winning him in just aclose 3-2, proceeding to the top 8 where he would win with a 3-1against Torpedo Gaming’s Geroge “BoarControl” Webb. Rdu had a hardtime in the semi-finals against Na`Vi’s Frederik “Hoej” Nielsenmanaging to slip away once again with a close 3-2. The finalsseemed a bit easier for Rdu, winning with a score of 3-1 againstFrank “Fr0zen” Z., a player that used to play for Hearthlyticsuntil their disband.

With this win Rdu is the only two time DreamHack champion forHearthstone and this also puts him in the club of players who havemanaged to win repeat franchise victories, with Firebat’sGfinity trophies and ThijsNL’s European Championships.

Below are the final standings:

1st. RDU $8,000 + 15 HCT points
2nd. Fr0zen $4,000 + 10 HCT points
3-4th. Slugg $2,250 + 5 HCT points
3-4th. Hoej $2,250 + 5 HCT points
5-8th. Superjj $1,250 + 2 HCT points
5-8th. Maverick $1,250 + 2 HCT points
5-8th. BoarControl $1,250 + 2 HCT points
5-8th. Tessin $1,250 + 2 HCT points
9-16th. Namcor $750
9-16th. Mangolicious $750
9-16th. SenX $750
9-16th. Bozzzton $750
9-16th. Guukboii $750
9-16th. tomof $750
9-16th. Orange $750
9-16th. Shtan_udachi $750

The next Grand Prix tournament will take place at DreamHackValencia, 14-17th of July. Stay tuned!