Priest Legendary Mindflayer Kaahrj joins the Hearthstone Descent of Dragons cast

An extra card was just revealed.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Resurrect Priest decks are getting some love in Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion.

The Hearthstone Instagram revealed Priest Legendary Mindflayer Kaahrj on its story, surprising fans with an extra card for today’s 12pm CT time slot. The card will certainly be an asset to standard and wild formats, helping Resurrect decks cement themselves as a Descent of Dragons contender.

Mindflayer Kaahrj is a three-cost card with three Attack and three Health. The new addition focuses on copying an enemy minion, which can potentially lead to interesting combos. Mindflayer’s Battlecry asks you to choose an enemy minion and it’s Deathrattle allows you to summon a copy of it.

Pairing Kaahrj with cards like Catrina Muerte, Mass Resurrection, and Wretched Reclaimer can help bring back the Mindflayer and create multiple copies of your opponent’s heavy-hitters. This pesky combo will definitely tip the scales in your favor and give Priests a counter to some of the expansion’s most overpowered Dragons.

Descent of Dragons is slated for a Dec. 10 release and can be purchased ahead of time on Blizzard’s website. Players can snag the Standard Package for $50, which comes with 60 packs, or the Mega Bundle for $80, which includes 100 packs and a new Hero.