Players experiencing visual bug after winning in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Luckily it's not as bad as it seems.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If your Hearthstone Battlegrounds victory screen has been acting a bit strange lately, you aren’t alone. Players are reporting a bug that’s showing a zero-rank gain even after coming in first place.

A Reddit user posted a screengrab that shows they received zero rating after a first-place finish. The caption of the post poked fun at how motivating it was to get first place and receive nothing in return. But players who are experiencing the same bug also began to chime in. Most users are reporting that the bug is only visual and that you actually gain rating. Some players have also seen it reflect negative scores that don’t actually happen.

This means the Reddit user actually gained rating and will see it reflected on their total elsewhere in-game. If you experience a similar bug, try not to panic. In fairness, Hearthstone Battlegrounds is a young game mode, and so far, its launch has been smooth. Blizzard has also been making a conscious effort to fix a ton of bugs related to Hearthstone. This is evident by the fact that the majority of the latest patch was aimed at bug fixes for Android.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is the game’s latest mode and is a different experience entirely. Instead of balancing two players on the backend, Blizzard developers had to design something capable of handling eight at a time. The game also has to be developed simultaneously for PC and mobile.

If you get a victory and it’s not reflected on the post-match screen, don’t panic. Your rating should have gone up. Still, it doesn’t hurt to put in a report ticket just so Blizzard is aware of the issue.