Platebreaker is the latest card revealed for Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, Descent of Dragons

Fans of Control Warrior, cover your eyes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The debut of Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Descent of Dragons, is less than two weeks away—and the card reveals keep coming.

The latest card from this expansion is a neutral minion rightfully named Platebreaker. Although the official English version of the card has yet to be revealed, HS Top Decks worked out the below image.

Screengrab via HS Top Decks

Platebreaker is a five-cost minion with 5/5 base states. Although its base stats are decent, the minion’s ability is what makes it so noteworthy. Platebreaker has a Battlecry that destroys your opponent’s armor. If you’re a Warrior main, you’ll probably wish this card was never printed.

Prior to Evolve Shaman’s domination of the meta, Control Warrior was arguably the most powerful deck in the game. Part of what makes Control Warrior so good in its current state is the deck’s ability to amass a nearly unbreachable amount of armor. With Platebreaker available as a neutral minion, the ability to tech against Warrior just got a major buff.

You can check out all of the cards coming with Descent of Dragons when the expansion goes live on Dec. 10.