Pirate Rogue Ladder Climbing

Hello again my Hearthstone peeps. So I have decided to pick a deck that isn’t in the Decks to Beat section to play and test in the ladder. Instead, I wanted to play a deck that isn’t quite as popular to see if it can hang in the ladder. Now, here is the cool thing […]

The Idea

Hello again my Hearthstone peeps. So I have decided to pick a deck that isn’t in the Decks to Beat section to play and test in the ladder. Instead, I wanted to play a deck that isn’t quite as popular to see if it can hang in the ladder. Now, here is the cool thing for this series of articles but very bad for me..in more ways than one.

I am at Rank 21 to start this season. The reason for this is the last two months have been a little wild in my non-Hearthstone personal life (wife found out she has a blood clot in her leg..where is the Counterspell for that). So my time within the game has been a little limited. The cool thing about that is though it allows me to be able to write an articles (or series of articles, depending on how the deck plays against the ladder) chronicling me playing a deck through the ladder at an early rank, just like most of you.

Throughout this series, I will also insert a video of me explaining things and showing highlights of the games that I play. So you will not only be able to read how the deck is doing but also see it first-hand..and get to see my mistakes I will break down how it does versus certain heroes/classes that I play against and tell you what the best match-ups are and the bad ones too.

Now, the only catch is, if the deck seems to totally stall out in the ladder and it seems like there is no more life for it within the ladder than I will stop playing with it and post out one last summary article of the whole, overall story of me and the Pirate Rogue deck.

The other thing is, the version of this I am running can be built and run at a budget. It isn’t the most expensive deck in the world. That is a good thing if this deck can carry me a good ways up the ladder. So let’s go ahead and break down the deck and what is in it.

The Deck

Now, as you can see from the deck list on the side, there are no Legendary cards in this deck. This deck can be made for a simple amount of 1960 dust. That is very low cost and manageable for anyone playing the game.

This deck is very much a Pirate spin on Oil Rogue. Many of the same cards appear in this deck. The thing that I like most about decks like this is you seem to always have options if you have cards in your hand. It also seems to run at a slightly faster pace than a normal Oil Rogue deck.

Let’s take a second and break down the cards that make this a Pirate Rogue deck.

The Pirates

First up in the deck is southsea-deckhand. This card is in many decks within the Meta right now but it fits very well within a Rogue deck because, duh, the Rogue uses weapon a lot. Heck the entire hero is built around it. Most of the time you can have a southsea-deckhand hitting the table with charge if you play your cards right, pun intended. Just make sure to always keep your weapon equipped or the charge effect goes away. I say this because it is very easy to attack with your weapon first and knock it off the table before you attack with southsea-deckhand.Trust me it is a common mistake and just putting a little heads up in here.

Next up is bloodsail-raider and buccaneer. Both cards that gets a boost from the weapon that you should always have equipped. The both get a pump up in some form for having it and a pump up is always a good thing (Just ask Reebok).

And lastly is dread-corsair. This card can sometimes be played for a lot less, maybe even free, if played at the right time and it also adds a little protection for a short period of time. It is also a nice surprise card because your opponent isn’t going to be expecting a taunt card in a deck like this.

The Rest of the Deck

The rest of the deck is very much a bunch of standard cards that you would normally see in a well-built Rogue deck. backstab and preparation are staples of any Rogue deck. azure-drake[/card is there to help keep the spells growing and [/card is there to help keep the spells growing and card]sap is there to help you build back your hand if the game gets into the mid-game.

The one card that is different is ship’s-cannon. This card is added in to take advantage of the Pirate cards that you are running. It can be very useful if played within the right time frame.

Final Thoughts

The biggest thing to remember, and I am talking to myself too in this article, is always be thinking ahead and using every combo possible. They are there for a reason and should never be let go of unless you are in dire straits.

A deck like this can take a little time to get used to so I suggest at least playing around 10 games with it in casual before taking it to the ladder. It is one of those decks where a single decision can make or break it.

Now, the next article, after playing it against the ladder some, I will show what to mulligan into depending on the matchup and etc. The reason is I haven’t really played this deck against the ladder at all yet because I was waiting for a new season and this series of articles to pick up the deck and play it.

Now, the way the series will go is I will play 30 games with the deck. I will post my stats and an article of the events up to that point. After that, if the deck is still climbing, I will play another 30 games and do another article of how things are going.

Another thing is I want you guys to help with this deck and make it a living deck. What I mean is I want you guys to play it with me and post in the comments anything you think can be added or taken out of the deck while you are playing with it. I will take the change into consideration and run it like that for a few games. If this deck happens to make it into the single digit rank then I will post the final deck in an article and keep playing with it. All of this of course depends on the event that the deck makes it past the first 30 games.

The one thing I have learned testing this deck in casual is, it is very fun to play with. So no matter what we should have fun with it. Mateys, let’s get our eye patches on and play some Pirate Rogue.

Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter and check me out on Twitch. Comment below with any thoughts you might have and I will see you guys on the flip side. As the game says…

Jobs Done.