5 November 2016 - 22:55

Pavel is your 2016 Hearthstone World Champion

The most prestigious event of the year has just concluded and Pavel is the big winner.

Hearthstone World Championship, the most prestigious event of the year, has come to an end and Pavel "Pavel" Beltukov has been crowned as the 2016 World Champion.

Pavel started his run in Group D, where he faced elimination from the tournament, by losing his first match against HotMEOWTH with a 4-1 score. However, Pavel managed to get back on track winning both DDaHyoNi with a 4-0 and OmegaZero with a close 4-3 to advance to the playoff bracket.

His way through the top 8 was not easy as well. On his first match he was placed against Amnesiasc, one of the big favourites to win the tournament. Even though the American had a 0-3 lead, Pavel managed to overturn the score and win with a 4-3. Proceeding from that tough match, he was set to fight Jasonzhou which he won with a 4-2 score. The finals were tense and the matches were decided in the details. Both players gave their best with Pavel taking the desired win with a score of 4-2 against DrHippi and claiming the world title. With that win, Pavel managed to earn the most respectable amount of $250,000 and a place in the history's writings.

All in all, Hearthstone was really exciting in this BlizzCon with much hype included, despite the fact that many were disappointed by the current skill cap of the game, resulting in many games being decided in a coin flip.

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