One Night in Karazhan – More Cards Revealed!

One Night in Karazhan (ONK) is the next expansion revealed to us a couple of days ago. I am, as usual, making my own review of the cards, in case you missed my initial review you can find it here: So we had four more cards revealed since my last article, I wanted to […]


One Night in Karazhan (ONK) is the next expansion revealed to us a couple of days ago. I am, as usual, making my own review of the cards, in case you missed my initial review you can find it here:

So we had four more cards revealed since my last article, I wanted to make an article about only the two first cards revealed the moment they were actually shown because of how much we have to say, but I was stronger! I waited and now let’s discuss the new One Night in Karazhan cards that were revealed!

More Revealed Cards!


So I saw this guy and couldn’t help but wonder what on earth do the Stewards do. So I went to talk with some of my friends that are more connected to the underworld of spoilers and apparently no one knows, however, it’s been speculated that the Stewards are blank 1/1s. This sure has some impact on the card’s power but I don’t think it makes it unplayable by any means.

First let’s talk interactions, shall we? What cards (or classes) benefit the most with an endless spring of 1/1s being generated? The first interactions we can think are knife-juggler and darkshire-councilman, followed (as second-grand interactions) by “Plus-attack” cards such as abusive-sergeant, dire-wolf-alpha, flametongue-totem and so on. These are the obvious interactions and the numbers strongly makes me believe that the starting point for playtesting is the Zoo deck.

What I see most about this card is how it seems to be inferior to imp-gang-boss, and I don’t quite know yet if Zoo is looking for a third Imp, or even for another 3-drop as the deck seems to be having quite a lot of those lately.

This card has huge chances of shinning on a post-rotation world once imp-gang-boss gets out of the way, but right now I am not so optimistic about this card’s presence in Zoo, that is if the 1/1s are really just blank ones.

Another interesting fact about this card is that every single class in the game has basic/classic ways of dealing with Moroes, which can ultimately mean that the card might not see play even after the rotation.

Book Wyrm

And here we are with another one of these “Can’t really give a proper review” card. The fact about this card is that it needs to be playtested, and despite common thinking I disagree that this card requires an specific metagame in today’s card pool to be playable: There are just way too many 3-Less-Attack core minions in the game for you to worry about a metagame in order to have this card be playable.

What bugs me the most is that this card’s interaction with a Dragon in hand seems to be needless, as it diminishes the card’s power by a lot, while it doesn’t seem to be that broken by itself anyway.

So, despite me saying this card’s isn’t broken, it does seem to fit a lot of non-aggressive Dragon Archetypes (Probably won’t fit today’s Dragon Warrior though) as the 6-drop of choice. Maybe even pull those archetypes a little up in the metagame charts.

So, I like this card, the fact it can compete with already existing 6-drops is magnificent given today’s 6-drops power, and I can’t wait to see this card in action.

The biggest issue will be that we don’t actually know which Dragon Deck is going to be the one that we’ll want to run this card in, because nowadays no Dragon deck outside of Warrior is truly competitive, and as I said before I don’t know if I’ll want to swap my drakonid-crusher for this – But I sure will try!

Malchezaar’s Imp

Of all the cards being discussed today, this one is the one I liked the most. Sure, this card won’t create any different archetypes by itself, but it’ll make a lot of currently unplayable or Fringe cards such as succubus, darkshire-librarian and tiny-knight-of-evil a lot more viable.

So this card’s ability will only proc if you actually discard a card, so no empty-hand doomguard drawing you 2 cards, but you can actually cycle a lot faster with a card such as this one, and as noticed most of the “Discard-a-card” minions are above the curve, meaning that if you actually manage to somehow turn their disadvantage in your favor, they can actually become powerful playhouses.

Another important fact, that most people forgot to mention, is that this is yet another 1-drop for Zoo, meaning Zoo gets even more consistent with the addition of a card such as this one,  while making soulfire possibly better than power-overwhelming, so I call this a win in multiple ends, which leads me to believe this card has super high chances of not only seeing play, but to bring a whole new arsenal together with it.

Babbling Book

So this is the last card we’ll be reviewing today. Much like Book Wyrm, this one dude is a whole mystery altogether. One mana for a 1/1 seems bad enough that we don’t want to think about it very much, but then we’re adding a random spell to our hand the turn we play it, meaning this card can sometimes be relevant even in the late game.

I don’t get why Blizzard is trying so hard to add the “random” keyword to so many mage cards as of late, making Mage a “super-RNG” class more than any other in the game, on today’s standard even more than Shaman!

Anyway, back to the card, this seems to be a nice addition to Tempo Mage but not what the deck has been looking for. This card is super likely to see play given that it allows you to play stuff early in the game (even if the card isn’t meaningful, it still is an annoyance that demands a response) while not being bad later in the game. Not to mention that this can/will sometimes win you the game later on by drawing you something you need, including (but not limited to) flamestrikes to wipe the opposing board, cabalists-tome to refuel your hand, that long forgotten lethal card and other stuff to make the opponent super salty.


And this pretty much closes the reviews we had to do up until this very moment.

Today’s cards were quite cool and fun to play, I still didn’t see a single Priest card but something tells me that Blizzard isn’t worried about fixing Priest as of right now, so I just won’t let my hopes very high, especially because of what I said a few articles ago: Much like Shamans, Priests will need tons of OP cards to be viable, not just one or two.

Anyway, this review was very fun to do, hope you guys enjoy, and don’t forget to leave your opinions on the cards in the comments!

Love you guys, see you around next time!


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