Nuba’s Corner – Under the Radar Decks

The expansion has been here for quite some time already, which leads me to believe we are less than 2 months away from a new adventure, yet Blizzard hasn’t spoken a single word about it until this very moment. Something tells me Blizzard is going to spoil us the next expansion all at once like […]


The expansion has been here for quite some time already, which leads me to believe we are less than 2 months away from a new adventure, yet Blizzard hasn’t spoken a single word about it until this very moment. Something tells me Blizzard is going to spoil us the next expansion all at once like they did a few expansions ago instead of leaving us with the hype.

The expansion being here for some time means we already know which decks are the bests, we already know what decks beat what and what decks should be played on tournaments and whatsoever.

However, there are some underplayed decks that people aiming to hit Legend could be playing, but they aren’t because having access to under-the-radar lists is something a lot harder than what we could imagine, and to satisfy that need today’s article is going to be all about those -good and playable- under the radar Decklists!

Control Shaman

Shaman is a class everyone already knows has its spot in tournaments.

People are playing Shaman and have been doing so since the expansion came out, but the build hasn’t changed much: it started off as Aggro, then Midrange, then back to Aggro then something in between Aggro and Midrange which we, here at Hearthstoneplayers, called Hybrid Shaman.

Control Shaman is something completely different from the usual Shaman lists, yet completely viable in today’s metagame as the deck has an abysmal winrate against Aggro.

The fact this deck is a non-traditional Shaman build means it gets overlooked when we talk about tournaments, because the main builds are already good enough at their jobs and going away from that choice means you’ll have to experiment more and people aren’t interested in doing that anymore, at least not this late in the expansion.

This doesn’t mean Shaman Control won’t get updated in the Ladder. It doesn’t mean people won’t be playing a lot of different versions of the deck in the ladder to try and make a better list. Different from the traditional Shaman lists, Control Shaman has very high odds of surviving a rotation because it won’t be losing its core’s totality (will still need a substitute for elemental-destruction though).

The win condition of this deck is ancestral-spirit into something and copying it with faceless-manipulator. A big thing-from-below turn is something you’ll see very often, and since you’ll be playing this very later in the game you’re likely to: Wipe the board -> Thing from Below + Ancestral Spirit -> Faceless the Thing.

far-sight will also be helping you with Tempo issues, having big turns with cost-reduced cards gets easier when you have double of those to help your emperor-thaurissan. In the meantime this deck has a lot of anti-aggro tools and a shit ton of healing abilities to keep it up while the combo is being set.

I loved this deck and if you are looking for something different to play, this is the deck you should be playing.

Zetalot’s Full Anti-Aggro Priest

Priest is a class that has been underappreciated since the expansion came out. At least during the early days of Control dominance the N’Zoth based Control priest lists were a thing, but lately people simply dropped the class in favor of more consistent ones.

However, Zetalot is still updating the list, and a lot, and this is the latest version of Priest he managed to make (at least from the viable bunch!).

This list is totally focused on beating Aggro decks, while using a pair of entombs combined with justicar-trueheart as the sole late game.

Something that bothered me in this list is the total lack of weapon destruction, which for a Priest should be crazy, but I believe this list was made to fight exclusively Zoo, which should explain his absurd winrate with it.

However, this list won’t be falling behind other Control decks, as double Entomb should be enough to beat most of the Control decks in the game right now, especially the cthun based Warrior that has been dominating the ladder lately (all you have to do is Entomb the C’Thun and you won).

This list has both an absurd amount of healing as well as an absurd amount of AOE, so even if that Aggro Shaman manages to get that doomhammer rolling and you can’t destroy it, odds are you’ll survive the totality of the Damage simply because you had so much healing in your deck, and because you left no minion alive in his board to do extra damage.

All in all this is a very consistent deck list, and one you should be looking at when choosing your climbing list.

Aggro Druid

Aggro Druid is another list that was left aside in favor of more consistent ones such as C’Thun Druid, and is something we are likely not to see in tournaments at least until the next season.

However, much like other lists, it still gets experimented in the ladder quite often, the latest version being the Zoo-ish version of MrYagut.

MrYagut has been loving argent-commander lately and adding it to quite a lot of different lists. It was no different here in the Beast Druid as he decided to go for the more aggressive possible version instead of the Midrange-likely version we have been seeing lately.

This is a strange list, but I have to say it has quite the arsenal. This list excels at beating Control Warrior in a lot of ways, the lack of swipe just adds to the list when matching against Control Warrior and the Argent Commander should be something quite hard for that one deck to remove.

Like I said before this list plays a lot like Zoo, but with some huge burst potential instead of the consistent Life Tap Zoo has, which should ultimately be a disadvantage over the Warlock deck, but given the whole Midrange nature of the Druid class it should have some matchups that are better than Zoos.


There are, of course, a lot of other viable under-the-radar deck lists that people haven’t been using, and as soon as I manage to make a better collection of them I should be here to show you guys some more lists, but right now these are the playtested ones that I think you should be playing.

Remember that I only post lists here that I am able to playtest, so it takes some time to actually be able to write these articles because of it. In the other hand you should feel much better knowing that any list you get from my articles will be good enough to bring you up in the ladder, so don’t forget to do a daily visit here at Hearthstoneplayers!

Hope you guys enjoyed this article, I also would like some feedback if you could take some time so don’t forget to put that one in the comments section below!

Love you guys,