Nuba’s Corner – More Low-Budget Decks(With LoE!)!

Alright time for that one ultra informal article of the week! A couple of weeks ago I posted here saying that I had started a new EU account and had made a few decks so I would be able to play more tournaments. Well, I already started getting HCT points from European tournaments, so I […]


Alright time for that one ultra informal article of the week!

A couple of weeks ago I posted here saying that I had started a new EU account and had made a few decks so I would be able to play more tournaments. Well, I already started getting HCT points from European tournaments, so I guess the account is coming in handy.

However, I have not spent anything else on the account besides the initial few packs I bought and the League of Explorers expansion. Which leaves me with some sort of a budget problem.

All my initial impressions on starting an competitive account were posted here, in case you missed them:

Now, back to the updates, I started working on other decks so I could at least spread my competitive choices in the new EU account, so I finally got the dust to craft twin-emperor-veklor and started working on cthun decks. I am still a couple thousand dusts away from C’Thun Warrior, but I did managed to get both C’Thun Druid and Priest rolling, at least the budget version of those.

So what are we doing today, you wonder? Today we are posting extra Deck lists I was able to make with my limited Budget, so you guys starting new accounts can help yourselves get competitive faster!

Morgl, the Oracle

Before I forget, a new Shaman Hero was just added to the game!

So, how do you get it?? Well, it is pretty easy and simple: Recruit a (fresh) friend and have him/her play until a total Hearthstone Account level of 20! Only works on people below 20 total account level.

That is pretty easy, and I already got my Morgl on my NA account, however, I haven’t got mine on the EU account yet. Also, you get a pack for each player that you’ve successfully recruited after the first one, so my recruits will still be out!

Want to get recruited by me?

Here are my codes:



C’Thun Druid

Well, one of the first Epic cards I got in my packs was an ancient-of-war but despite me wanting to use it, I didn’t have the dust to make a Vek’Lor so I could play a proper Druid build.

After the Vek’lor was done, however, I could start working on my Budget C’Thun druid list to play on the ladder, and eventually on tournaments (still wouldn’t bring this one build to a tourney).

So, with the little dust I had I was able to craft this whole build. It isn’t the best C’Thun Druid list overall, but at least this one build is the one most tuned to fight Zoo.

Meaning, if I play this build vs a Zoo deck, I will have the highest chances of winning of all the C’Thun Druid variables.

This makes it so this build becomes totally viable for the Ladder, since the ladder itself is flooding with both Shamans and Zoo lately. C’Thun Druid’s natural winrate against Warriors still remains even in this build, meanwhile this build is also decent enough to compete toe-to-toe against Midrange Hunter.

So, in case you wanted a Budget, but Legend-viable, option for C’Thun Druid, this is the one build I recommend you using!

PS: Oh, and another thing: in case you don’t have the Ancient of War, don’t panic, just replace it with a bog-creeper.

Control Priest

Oh Zetalot, you give me so many awesome ideas!

Well, this all started when I saw Zetalot post a twitter about this one Control build he made and how good it was in the Legendary ladder.

I looked at it, and thought to myself “wait, this totally can go budget!”. But then I realised I had literally zero dust on my EU account, so I took my time getting the dust to make those Priest cards I didn’t have (which were about none of the deck, at least not the class cards).

So I crafted this deck and went to the ladder… No problems found so far! Sure, it is a Priest deck and here and there you’ll have trouble with conditional cards not finding their conditions, but overall this is a pretty strong and consistent deck, it also happens to be very good against Shaman, Control Warrior and Zoo, today’s ladder most threatening decks!

Sure, Control Priest isn’t a deck strong enough for you to consistently bring to tournaments (unless, of course, you are running a strategy which requires the Priest class on it), but it isn’t so bad that I would instantly cut it out.

So, this one deck, as-is, is a good enough option for you to ladder with and reach Legend, and it requires nearly no dust at all outside of the League of Explorers expansion (Don’t ask me to do the maths though).

Hybrid Hunter

So Hybrid Hunter was created, and I basically have all the cards for it excluding those quick-shot. So what did I do? I replaced the two Quick Shots from the Rosty’s build for a freezing-trap and the second infested-wolf and called it a day.

Hybrid Hunter is a Hunter deck made for no-ban tournaments because of how better it can fight against Zoo-ish type of decks while maintaining most of its anti-Control power.

This build won’t lose much with the replacements we did, I could even risk it saying that our Control and Midrange matchups got a little better with the changes, so in case you are looking for a budget-ish Hunter deck (crafting those call-of-the-wild will still be a pain, but it will definitely be worth it!), Hybrid Hunter will not only be a top-tier option for you to use in both Ladder and Tournaments, it is slightly cheaper than standard Midrange Hunter builds as well!


Forgot to say how Golden voidwalker looks odd in this new patch, still can’t quite figure out what to make of it.

Well, this is it for today’s article! I am finally farming my first Legend title on EU, and since I usually do these Legend grinds slowly, it’ll take some time for me to get it. However, having all these cool decks at my disposal so quickly feels quite amazing.

I believe not buying more packs from now onwards on the EU account should help me get a wider view of how low-budget collection works nowadays, because I am quite positive I won’t have that problem on my NA account ever again (already have all cards and a lot of extra dust).

Will keep you guys posted on my new-account updates!

Want to start a new account yourself after these two articles I wrote? Don’t forget to use my referral links! Just so you don’t have to scroll back up:



Love you guys!

See you in our next article!


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