Frozen Throne’s latest card reveal, Meat Wagon, could use a buff

You may want to wait for another ride.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We are a third of the way through the Knights of the Frozen Throne reveal. So far, we’ve seen a couple of the new Hero cards, an expansion of keyword ability synergies, hints of new class archetypes, and a healthy helping of Deathrattles.

Jack “J4CKIECHAN” Hutton revealed and rhymed the latest in this line of Deathrattle minions on his YouTube channel.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Meat Wagon is a neutral four mana 1/4 with an interesting Deathrattle trigger. When Meat Wagon dies, it summons a minion from your deck onto the battlefield with an attack value less than Meat Wagon. Meat Wagon alone creates some interesting considerations when building your deck.

At face value, Meat Wagon pulls a zero attack minion from your deck. Doomsayer and Validated Doomsayer are the obvious neutral standouts. If played in a Shaman deck, Meat Wagon can pull out cards like Flametongue Totem and Mana Tide Totem. Flametongue Totem requires an aggressive board presence to be effective, so Meat Wagon can’t be the only minion on the field when you decide to cash it in. With no investment, Meat Wagon seems best in a utility role, though the context for its utility may be difficult to manage.

Maybe Meat Wagon could use a buff. The Paladin class contains several cards that buff minions and a Quest card that rewards the investment. Buff cards like Blessing of Might turn Meat Wagon into an effective trade that replaces itself and gets you closer to Galvadon. Alternatively, buffing Meat Wagon in a Miracle Rogue strategy could accelerate Malygos to the board for a quick finish with Rogue’s cheap burn spells.

Meat Wagon is the latest in a series of Deathrattle minions with growing complexity. Unlocking its full potential is a puzzle to be sure. Perhaps the final two-thirds of Knights of the Frozen Throne reveal will shed some light on how to best use this interesting card.

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