Mage Sidequest Elemental Allies revealed for Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion

Elemental fans are in for a treat.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new Sidequest for Hearthstone’s Mage class today during its 32-card reveal stream in preparation of the game’s upcoming Descent of Dragons expansion.

Elemental Allies is a one-cost Mage Sidequest that requires players to play an Elemental two turns in a row. Upon completing the task, players will draw three spells from their deck.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Sidequest was revealed during today’s reveal stream alongside Mana Giant, an eight-cost 8/8 Elemental, and Violet Spellwing, a one-cost 1/1 Elemental with a Deathrattle that adds a copy of Arcane Missiles to the user’s hand.

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Elemental Allies will excel in decks that have access to cheap Elementals like Violet Spellwing or Chenvaala, a Legendary three-cost Elemental that summons a 5/5 Elemental after the user casts three spells in a row. By playing these low-cost Elementals, players will be able to easily complete Elemental Allies’ requirements to reap its rewards early in the match.

Sidequests are a new mechanic introduced in Descent of Dragons. They closely resemble Quests but feature smaller requirements and subsequent rewards.

Descent of Dragons launches next week, but fans of the game can pre-order it before Dec. 10. The standard bundle costs $49.99 and comes with 60 packs while the Mega bundle, which costs $79.99, features 100 packs and the Deathwing Hero Portrait.