Lovelychook wins the CN vs EU Ferrari California

On the third installment of the series, China got a revenge by winning it all. Lovelychook walks away with the highest ever prize from a Hearthstone tour.

Yesterday, Newbee’s Zhang “lovelychook” Bohanmanaged to win the biggest prize ever given in a Hearthstone tourby walking away with €20,000 and a Ferrari Californiaworth $162,000.

The way to victory seemed easy at the playoffs where he wonagainst both Breath and SuperJJ with a 3-0 score, but in thefinals, Kolento gave him a hard time. Kolento managed to win theirfirst match-up with his Paladin against Lovelychook’s Shaman. ThatShaman, however, took a revenge by winning against Kolento’s Roguein the next game and drawed the score to 1-1. Next game, Kolento’sValeera managed to beat Lovelychook’s Mage and get the 2-1 lead,setting himself only one win away from the championship.Nevertheless, in the last matchup of Kolento’s Hunter vsLovelychook’s Mage, a lucky Yogg-Saron summoned an ElementalDestruction, clearing Kolento’s side on the board, sealing the winfor Lovelychook, who would then proceed to win once again againstthe Ukrainian’s Hunter and end the series with at a close 3-2.

Despite losing, Kolento still walked away with €10,000 as arunner-up. In the third place decider, Ostkaka won over SuperJJwith a score of 3-1. So after this third event, the score in the CNvs EU series is 2-1 in favour of EU, and the Chinese showed thatthey are not to be underestimated. Everyone is definitelyeager to see how the fourth event of the series will turn out, andif China will be able to win once again over Europe to evenout the series score.