Lost In The Park revealed in Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion

Guff specializes in Feral Druids for this quest.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone‘s United in Stormwind has revealed Druid’s second legendary, its Questline.

The newest spell to be revealed is Lost In The Park, a Legendary Druid spell that costs one mana and requires you to gain four attack with your hero to gain five armor as a reward and progress the quest.

The second step for the quest requires you to gain five attack with your hero, with the same five armor reward on top of drawing another card. The final step of the quest will have you gain six attack with your hero to acquire Guff, the Tough.

Guff, the Tough is a five mana 8/8 minion with Taunt and a Battlecry which gives your hero eight attack and eight armor for the turn.

Compared to every other Questline, Guff’s reward may seem disappointing due to the lack of permanent effect or flashy win condition that he provides with his Battlecry. Despite this, completing the Quest overall will provide you 18 armor which is great to help you survive against midrange and aggro decks.

To complete this quest, cards like Feral Rage and Pounce from the Core Set and the recently revealed Park Panther will assist in reaching Guff the Tough.

United in Stormwind releases August 3.