LoE Nuba Reviews – Class Cards Part 1

Well I guess it is no secret that we are having an expansion out, it is also no secret that this expansion is just around the corner and we barely had time to see the cards themselves. I have started to make the reviews of the cards, which will tell what I think about each […]


Well I guess it is no secret that we are having an expansion out, it is also no secret that this expansion is just around the corner and we barely had time to see the cards themselves. I have started to make the reviews of the cards, which will tell what I think about each and every card, keep in mind these reviews are a lot focused on Constructed and whenever I have something to say about arena, I will say it on a separated line and making sure you know what I am typing is indeed about arena.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing the final cards that haven’t been reviewed yet, which are the Class cards! Then we are going to proceed with the final verdict on each class and LoE’s impact on that class.

Druid Cards

jungle-moonkin: I get slightly confused when trying to analyze this kind of card, but overall I think that bilateral effects are only good enough when your bonus is guaranteed to be better(See: refreshment-vendor and coldlight-oracle, cards I think have good bilateral effects). In this card’s case, that can not always be the case, not only judging as some classes are bound to make very good use of the spell power, but also looking at the fact the card’s stats are horrible to justify having a bilateral effect. I do not think this card is good enough to make moonfire playable either, so I will just go ahead and call this card unplayable.

mounted-raptor: Piloted Raptor, Mounted Shredder, call it whatever you like, this card is good! It is no secret that persistent low-costed minions are always good, and this comes with the bonus of being a Beast! I don’t know if Midrange Druids are going to want to play this card, seeing as shade-of-naxxramas is the type of card that allows you to stock up damage for a bigger FoN+Roar combo, but this has some serious potential regardless. This card also makes Midrange Beast Druid a possible big player in the coming post-LoE weeks.

raven-idol: I feel afraid of saying this card is horrible and then it becomes a major player, but overall I think that is what is going to happen here. Having to choose a card to put in your hand out of 3 random options might sometimes be good, but overall I think it is best to just run the exact card you want in your deck instead. Of course, this card can sometimes win you the game given some serious RNG pulls, and the fact you have multiple options on it also gives it a bonus, but I am just not sold on this card being playable just yet.

Hunter Cards

explorers-hat: errrr…. nah. This card seems just too slow for the Hunter’s overall playstyle. I also think that there just aren’t as many free slots to run meaningless techs such as this one anymore.

desert-camel: Hahahahahahha this card has such an awesome design! It falls exactly into the category of “Bilateral Effects that can be better for you”. Of course, sometimes you’ll be giving a free zombie-chow for your opponent and getting just a leper-gnome for you, but even then you’re still dealing 2 Free damage to his face! The only thing that bugs me about this card is that Hunter’s 3-drop slot seems a bit crowded already, so I don’t know if this card is going to be a major player in Midrange Hunter (Since this, almost sure, won’t be good in Aggro Hunter), but this for sure has chances of seeing play, and is by no means a bad card.


More face?
Or maybe not so face, eh? This card has potential, I like it to be honest and I think it is going to be a very face-y card for some reason, this should be a big help for dem hunters when fighting Control Warriors, just don’t know if this will be good enough against other classes to justify it being a main deck card.

Mage Cards

animated-armor: 4 mana for a 4/4 Taunt isn’t very appealing to me, and in the end of the day, this might just be what this card is, it also helps you zero bits when you are fighting for board control.

ethereal-conjurer: This card can indeed be better than azure-drake, not going to lie about that, and in arena this might as well be one of the best common picks in the game, I have some doubts about this card’s potential in Constructed, seeing as Azure Drake also gives you +1 Spell Power and 4 health is a lot more significant than 3, but overall I prefer this card over Azure Drake because you are always going to be able to choose what you draw, which is extremely important. +1 For possible staple card.

forgotten-torch: Another bomb given to mages. This card is just too good, not only it lets you get further from Fatigue if you are playing the Control gameplan, also gives you the opportunity of drawing a 3-mana Fireball, and who wouldn’t want to draw into that? 3 Damage for 3 mana isn’t the biggest thing in the world, but it is not bad either, it indeed kills Shredders eh? I loved this card, and this is probably going to also be a staple in mage decks.

Paladin Cards

anyfin-can-happen: HOLY S* THE FLAVOR!!! <333 Ok ok, this card… Well, it is nothing very special. A 10 mana spell has to be something very big, and this card for sure is, the thing is that this might be dead in your hand a lot of times on a Murloc Paladin deck, that usually wants to be the aggressor, for it to be a real player. Not saying that Murloc Paladin is going to happen anyway, let’s just stick with the Midrange Paladin with murloc-knight shall we? 😛

keeper-of-uldaman: I like this card, I like it a lot. This can be either a removal for something big or a +2/+2 for a Silver Hand Recruit. Having cards with multiple utility is always good. The only thing that bugs me is how the 4-drop slot for Paladins is already very crowded.

Well, I am not going to complain, seeing as this is a good card, but keep in mind that despite being good this might not see play simply because the absurd number of good 4-costed cards that Paladins have access to.

sacred-trial: A small “buff” for Secret Paladins, yes? This card isn’t the biggest of the deals, since if your opponent is not playing Paladin and already has 3 minions on board, he probably already won anyway. This card is going to be useful if Paladins (and possibly Tempo Mage, given mirror-image) continue to be massively played in the ladder, but I dont predict this being a staple.

Priest Cards

excavated-evil: Could be decent against Aggro, but I doubt this will ever take the slot of holy-nova for multiple reasons, you also don’t want multiple of these and Holy novas seeing as having Holy Novas and lightbombs combination seems to be just better. I know that screwing Aggro’s draws can be a thing to look at, but overall I dislike everything about this card and don’t believe this is going to be playable.

entomb: Straight up unconditional removal. I loved this card, seems like a much better hex for a much higher mana cost (which might make this unplayable). This card is a bomb in the Control matchups, so I like it a lot. This might be dead in Aggro matchup, but so is shadow-word-death anyway. The only thing that we have to discuss here is how better this is when compared to mind-control, because this has to be much better than Mind Control in order to see play, seeing as Mind Control has stopped seeing play already for not being good enough, only time and a lot of playtest will tell, but feel free to use at least one of these in your Priest deck to playtest.

museum-curator: a much better novice-engineer, which doesn’t say much. I like this card but don’t know if Priests will have a slot on this. Dragon Priest for sure doesn’t, but this card has a lot of potential to be playable in Control Priest, since it gives you a small board presence for the early game as well as nets you a card that won’t thin your deck.


Well, these are the first 5 classes review! I will be coming very shortly with the last 4 Classes review as well as the Verdict :3

Will drink some water and rest for about 30 minutes before writing some more, love you guys! 😀

See you soon, explorers!