Legend Decks – And Brews! – To Play This Week!

Well it is that time of the week again! This has been a Teching week, mostly. Most decks that were already established as the best decks remained this way, but we did see a lot of different builds showcasing cards that we normally don’t see in the decks we usually post here. following the early […]


Well it is that time of the week again!

This has been a Teching week, mostly. Most decks that were already established as the best decks remained this way, but we did see a lot of different builds showcasing cards that we normally don’t see in the decks we usually post here.

following the early mid season grind, we are now starting to see more Control-ish decks on the ladder. Given the whole “I want to grind, but I still have plenty of time to do it” idea, players in the high-end of the ladder are able to playtest a bunch of different lists, and the lists that are still to change the most are the Control ones.

Because of that, this week’s Decks to Play are going to be different than most of the previously posted articles! This time we are also going to take a look at my own personal builds.

As a note, as a brewer I love to aim for consistency over anything else, so my decks are usually Midrange-y style decks that focus a lot on getting the job done the great majority of times rather than having specific responses to metagame powerful decks.

Control Warrior

It has been quite some time that I have been posting different and different lists of Warriors. Well I believe it is time for me to post my own Warrior build.

This list is based upon the new concept of “Slam Warrior” that focus on taking advantage through cards rather than inconsistent Effects, having cards that count making both early and late game a lot more consistent.

This list posses a high number of value late and mid game minions, and has a lot more proactive plays than any other number of Control Warrior lists out there.

The biggest trademark of this list is that both ysera and nexus-champion-saraad have immense value in drawn out games, which is exactly what this list aims on doing.

This list also has a very low card draw count, while having a lot of card value, meaning it is supposed to win every Fatigue war.

As it is my own personal list, I am inclined to say this is the best Warrior list you’ll be playing this week, so in case you want to play a Warrior deck, this is the one for you! 😀

Midrange Shaman

What is a Nuba’s brews article without a Shaman build? Nothing, I say! So, we have to add this to the list! While Shamans haven’t been having the biggest love, I still believe Shaman is not as unplayable as people might think, I formated my computer, but last season, in the Legendary rank, I went 15-4 with this specific build (no stats to prove because of formatting though, Shame! *ding*). Dropping it later in favor of other golden hero grinds that I still have to do.

I love the Shaman class in general (it is my favorite class in the game), and I just love to make different builds, and this one, god it is good!

That, plus taking in consideration that we are to face more Midrange-y decks than we are supposed to in any other given time during the monthly ladder grind, I believe this deck is in a strong position.

This is a deck that has all the “Nuba-style” type of cards, a very consistent deck that offers tools to deal with any other deck, has the potential to win any late-game fights (probably the strongest late-game deck out there) and has a lot of staying power early in the game so it doesn’t fall behind against Aggro.

Since this is a kinda odd build, I will explain some of the choices here:

zombie-chow – Two copies makes up early in the game for the more late-game orientation of the 5+ cards.

No earth-shock – Too good versus Paladins, bad versus everything else. Since you are a Shaman, you lack good card draw, so cutting these is, sometimes, the best thing to do.

Only one lightning-storm – I dislike this card very much, because of: how it locks you the following turn early in the game; how it has 50% chance of not killing most of the stuff it wants to kill in this game; it is nearly useless against Control. The reason I don’t cut this completely is because we sometimes might need this, in which case a 1-of is ideal.

big-game-hunter – A 3rd big-guy-removal wins a lot of games, and lets you hex Midrange stuff more often.

Double thunder-bluff-valiant and neptulon – This deck has no Draws, but then it has big value minions that are capable of winning the games by themselves, netting you value that is, most of the times, stronger than cards themselves.

Control Mage

Talking about “Decks that Beat Control and Midrange decks”, a guy called Zetaliowka reached #1 Legend a couple of days ago with a very very nice build.

While this deck isn’t my idea, I thought it would be very nice to have it here under the “Decks to play this week” thingie because of how innovative it is.

Well, this is a deck that has all the Freeze Mage controlling tools, but instead of Bursting through with spells after Alexstrasza, this deck aims to win on valuable minions and the even bigger value they generate when combined with cards like duplicate.

This is a very grindy deck, so in case you are the type of person that loves slow games and is looking for something different to play, this is the deck for you!

Hybrid Secret Paladin

Well, this is something I have been working on in order to get closer to my Golden Paladin. This list is slightly different than most Secret Paladin lists. This is some sort of Hybrid Secret Paladin, that takes strong elements from both the Aggro as well as the Midrange version of Secret Paladin.

You keep the super strong Mid-late game extra cards in the form of both tirion-fordring and dr-boom, as well as dump some of the 4-drop stuff in order to get faster early game with a copy of divine-favor.

In general, this deck is capable of dropping its hand a lot quicker than Midrange Secretdin but not as quick as traditional Divine Favor decks, but at the same time it has the same late-game potential the Midrange deck does, while maintaining the Divine Favor potential.

Because of that, this deck needs no Divine Favor in order to function, but can play with it in case you get to draw it.

Post-Writting Observations

This article couldn’t have been more well timed with Patron Warrior’s nerf, it was written before the nerf but given we actually focused on brewing the strongest lists instead of looking to counter the meta or posting meta decks, these lists are perfect fit for the metagame we are supposed to face once the nerf hits 😀


Bam! These are the cool decks to play this week :3

Now seriously, I love that you guys have been enjoying these series, and since I added some brews this week to the count, I would like to know if anyone here is interested in any specific class brews for the next week. Rogues maybe? I have a lot of ideas for different classes that I haven’t had time to work on it, but in case you guys have any request I would gladly dedicate my time for it 😀

I would like to personally thank every one of you for making part of our ever growing Hearthstoneplayers Premium Community, I love you guys, you are all awesome!! :D:D

Much loves,