League of Explorers Cards Review – Class Cards Part 1

Hello everyone! It didn’t really happen before, but the new Adventure was just announced and at the same time, it’s just around the corner. With first wing coming out on Thursday already, we’ll get to play the new cards really soon. Like every expansion, we’re trying to give you guys our opinions on the new […]


Hello everyone! It didn’t really happen before, but the new Adventure was just announced and at the same time, it’s just around the corner. With first wing coming out on Thursday already, we’ll get to play the new cards really soon.

Like every expansion, we’re trying to give you guys our opinions on the new stuff. Whether it’s just a first look at the cards, more in-depth reviews or deckbuilding theorycrafting, we offer different points of view from different writers.

Just like for TGT, I’m doing the card reviews too. Since they’re pretty in-depth and we’re getting 45 cards in total I’m going to divide those into 3 parts: 2 articles for class cards and 1 article for neutral cards.

When it comes to the card evaluation – take those with a grain of salt and focus on the reasoning. Sometimes I rate the card higher, but tell you that it’s only going to work if certain type of deck is created. Sometimes I rate the card lower, but I see the potential synergies in the future. But, I’ll try to give every card one of the five different “grades”: Terrible, Bad, Average, Good, Great. I give one rating for the Constructed and one for the Arena.

In the first part of the Class Cards, I’ll review new cards for the first 4 classes (alphabetically): Druid, Hunter, Mage and Paladin.


Raven Idol

Constructed: Average

Arena: Good

It’s a very cool card that showcases a new mechanic. When it comes to how it works, it’s very similar to Hunter’s Tracking. Tracking picks 3 next cards from your deck and you get to choose one. Here, the cards are random, but you get to decide whether you want a spell or a minion. I think the card would be incredibly powerful, probably even broken if you get to pick the cards from your deck. Since they are random, it’s not that strong anymore. Picking a minion is a complete lottery, it’s almost as RNG as the infamous Unstable Portal. Since you can only get Druid + Neutral minions, the pool is a little smaller. You also get to choose one from the three options. But still, there are MUCH MORE bad minions in the game than there are good. You can clearly see it during Arena drafts. Getting an actually great minion from 3 options doesn’t always happen. Discovering a spell is more interesting. Since you’re limited to Druid spells, you get to pick one of the 3 random Druid spells. This might work much better, because Druid spells are pretty cool. There are only few Druid spells that really suck and since you get 3 choices, you should find one that fits the situation best. Still, it’s a gamble. You might get to pick between Swipe, Force of Nature and Starfire (which is actually great in the late game) and you might get Savagery, Moonfire and Innervate (which sucks in the late game). If it’s going to be used, we need to prepare for a lot of “eSports” moments, like getting a perfect minion for perfect lethal or getting a third Savage Roar for FoN + 3x SR combo with Innervates or Emperor Thaurissan discounts (yeah, that’s 30 damage). One thing that’s worth mentioning is that it’s a cheap spell that can synergize with Violet Teacher in Token Druid.

When it comes to Arena, I think it’s a little stronger than average. The thing is, using this card is like having the ability to change your draft choice every game. Since all your cards are random anyway, you can get the SAME stuff offered with this like in the draft. But here, you have a little more control over that. First of all – spells are pretty good in Arena, but you often don’t draw a lot of them. With this you can assure that you get to pick one of the three spells if you need one. And when you pick minions – you get to pick the one that’s best for you in given scenario. For example, if you use it on turn 1, you might pick something to fill your curve (let’s say a 3-drop if you’re missing one). If you use it in the late game scenario, you can just pick the biggest/strongest minion or a situational minion that’s actually good in that scenario. In Arena scenario, since you can pick between spells and minions, I think it’s much stronger than Tracking, and Tracking is okay.

Mounted Raptor

Constructed: Good

Arena: Good

Everyone compares this guy to a mini-Piloted Shredder, but I have a better comparison: Harvest Golem. Harvest Golem has 2-drop stats and leaves a 2/1 behind. This one is similar. It has a 2-drop stats and summons a 1-drop on death. So, the question is – which one is better? Harvest Golem is obviously more safe. You’re guaranteed to get a 2/1, which is useful. In the current meta, I think that 2/3 stats are better than 3/2 stats. Since the meta is pretty heavy on Aggro, there are a lot of 1-drops and 2/3 trades better into the 2/1’s. It also trades better into the popular 2-drops like Shielded Minibot, Mad Scientist and Haunted Creeper. On the other hand, 3/2 can trade up better. Like, it can clear the first part of the Piloted Shredder. When it comes to the Deathrattle outcome, there will be over 40 1-drop after LoE. I think, on average, random 1-drop is better than a 2/1. There are couple of bad scenarios where you get a 1/1 – Elven Archer, Grimscale Oracle, Angry Chicken, Young Dragonhawk. Dragon Egg is also pretty bad if you have no way to activate it. There are some results that are very similar. Either 2/1’s with no effect, an Argent Squire, Stonetusk Boar – they are pretty much on the same level as 2/1. 1/2’s are arguably worse than 2/1’s, but in some matchups they are even or better (like against Paladin’s Muster for Battle). Then, there are 1-drops with an upside. Young Priestess, Leper Gnome or Worgen Infiltrator all have some positive effect. And then there are dream scenarios – Mana Wyrm (if you have some spells in your hand), Injured Kvaldir and Zombie Chow. Kvaldir is probably the best one. Since Battlecries don’t proc, you get a 2/4 minion from the Deathrattle. That’s even better than an average Piloted Shredder outcome. Zombie Chow is awesome – a 2/3 minion is great to get out, but it can SOMETIMES ruin your plans if you’re close to lethal and enemy gets to heal from it. Still, a very solid one. Mana Wyrm can get insane value. Druid decks are pretty spell-heavy. For example, with something like Innervate + Wrath you can take it to 3/3 already and if it sticks to the board it might get even better.

So overall, I think it’s very hard to tell whether it’s better or worse than Harvest Golem. I’d dare to say that in non-Mech, aggressive decks it’s better. It might fit into the Aggro Druid better than a Shade of Naxxramas. I think the card is going to see at least some play in Constructed.

In Arena, it’s very good. A lot of 3-drops trade with the 2-drops 1 for 1 anyway. But if that’s the case, Mounted Raptor leaves something behind. 2-drop + 1-drop in a 3 mana card is pretty strong. Harvest Golem is a very solid Arena card and no matter if it’s slightly better or slightly worse, I can clearly say that it’s also solid. Druid’s early game gets better and better with every expansion, which should put it higher on the Arena’s tier list.

Oh, and there is also a Beast synergy. Maybe one step further to build a Constructed Beast Druid? I don’t think it’s happening, but who knows. It’s not the problem with lack of Beasts to put into the decks, it’s just that synergies aren’t worth it. In Arena, however, you’re often forced to pick something like Wildwalker or Knight of the Wild, so the Beast tag might get some value.

Jungle Moonkin

Constructed: Terrible

Arena: Bad

This one is very hard to evaluate. The stats are mediocre – 4/4 for 4 isn’t great. Since the effect is mirrored, both you and your opponent gain the same advantages, so I’d expect it to have better stats (like 4/5). Obviously you put this in a deck that’s heavy on spells. But honestly, the only spells that it works really well with are Swipe and Starfall. Spell Damage isn’t that strong on the single target spells as it is on the AoEs. It also works okay with the Living Roots and Wrath, since those are cheap and you can combo it easily. Oh, and you can have a 3 damage Moonfire. 3 damage for 0 mana is great, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s enough.

On the other hand, giving opponent +2 Spell Damage can lead to a massive punish. Paladin gets a 4 damage Consecration. Opponent’s Druid also gets 6 + 3 damage Swipe. Warrior has bonus on Bash, Shield Slam (and possibly 3 damage Whirlwind to help with the board clear if it’s Patron). Face/Midrange Hunter get 5 damage Quick Shot and 5/7 damage Kill Command + 4 damage Explosive Trap. It’s unplayable against Tempo Mage (if you don’t want to die) and even more unplayable against the Freeze Mage. Almost every Constructed deck has a way to punish it.

The only situation I can see it being used right now is on turn 9 with Loatheb. Sure, enemy has +2 Spell Damage, but he can’t really play the spells. Is it worth, though? Not really.

I’d say that right now this guy is completely unplayable in Constructed. But I see some possibilities in the future. Mirrored effects can only backfire if you let the enemy live until their turn. It can be used in some OTK decks if we get some more cheap damage spells. It’s similar concept to Malygos. It gives you more mana to work with, so you can use more expensive spells, but it gives less Spell Damage instead. With some Innervate or Emperor Thaurissan shenanigans, you can get out 2 of those on the board and still have a lot of mana to work with.

In Arena, 4/4 is obviously not the best statline, but it’s okay. Since the effect is mirrored, it really depends on your deck and opponent’s deck. I rated it slightly below average, because stats are below the average and effect is impossible to evaluate without knowing the deck you’ve drafted it in. If you have like 5-6 damage spells in your deck, it can be awesome. But if you don’t, it’s going to backfire much more often than work. Especially since Mage is still one of the most common classes you face in Arena and you can be pretty sure that Mage has some spells in his draft.


Dart Trap

Constructed: Good

Arena: Bad

The strength of this trap in Constructed heavily depends on how popular the board-flooding decks are. Right now, Secret Paladin is on top and this trap honestly sucks against Secret Paladin. It’s a good matchup anyway for Hunter, but the fact that it can hit any random target means that it much more often goes to the 1/1 or Divine Shield than to the face, pretty much wasting it. Explosive Trap is much better against this kind of decks.

On the other hand, Dart Trap is AMAZING against any slower deck. Midrange Druid, Control Warrior, Handlock, Priest. You pretty much get only the good hits. If it hits a minion and kills it – well, in a lot of cases it’s just a better Freezing Trap. If it hits face for 5 – 5 damage for 2 mana is great for the Hunter, you don’t mind that.

The truth is that once enemy realizes which trap it is (and it shouldn’t be that hard) he can play around it and not use the Hero Power. But against Warrior or Priest you don’t mind that at all – them not using Hero Power means that you deal 2 damage to them per turn.

Even though I rated it so high, because it’s a good card, I don’t think it’s going to work in the current meta. Secret Paladin and Aggro Druid are two very popular matchups and it sucks against both. Explosive deals 3 less damage, but it’s guaranteed to hit the whole board, which is exactly what you need. Dart Trap hitting a Shielded Minibot, Argent Warhorse or just a 1/1 is pointless.

In Arena, I think it’s even worse. Traps are generally weaker in Arena, because you don’t have guaranteed Mad Scientist and Eaglehorn Bow synergies you have in Constructed. And this one can be completely useless. I mean, first thing is that if it hits enemy face instead of removing something, the 5 damage often doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have minions to push for the rest of health. Not to mention that in Arena you often see people not using their Hero Power until the mid-late game. If they have a smooth curve of 2 into 3 into 4 (which is  generally what you want to have), they might not even activate it in time. It’s cool in some scenarios, but not that great overall.

Explorer’s Hat

Constructed: Terrible

Arena: Bad

Another cool design. This is the first time we see something that can be compared to MTG’s Equipment (with a few differences, obviously). It’s awesome, because it just comes back to your hand. Minion dies, you get it back. Minion dies, you get it back. The only problem is that it sucks. First of all, Hunter isn’t a class that wants to play a value game. Second thing is that the +1/+1 effect for 2 mana is not enough. Third thing is that Hunter can’t afford to spend 2 mana per turn on something like that. If he wants to spend 2 mana per turn for the rest of the game, why not just hit the Hero Power button and play some powerful card instead of that? And fourth is that it can be Silenced off to completely negate the effect (remember that a lot of Hunter’s minions also have Deathrattle, so Silence would get double value).

Yeah, you can argue that it can work in some sort of slower Hunter deck, maybe Lock and Load deck? But those decks just don’t work. If they don’t work – Explorer’s Hat won’t work either. In the early game you can’t afford to play a 2 mana +1/+1. In the mid game you prefer to play the Hero Power instead to push the enemy and put him on the clock. And in the late game it MIGHT be kinda good, but at that point you want to finish the game, not start getting a value from your 2 mana card. Not to mention the negative synergy with Quick Shot – since it comes back to your hand, it’s harder to empty your hand and get additional draw.

In Arena it’s SLIGHTLY better, but only slightly. That’s because in Arena you can actually draft a slower, more Control-styled Hunter deck. And it’s a cool card in the late game, especially with topdeck wars. Every minion you play is +1/+1, something like an infinite Sword of Justice. Still, it’s good only in the late game scenario where you have a lot of mana to work with and not enough card to fill every mana crystal each turn. It’s still very clunky and useless in any faster type of deck.

Desert Camel

Constructed: Good

Arena: Good if you have 1-drops in your deck, terrible if you don’t

I actually think this might be the hidden gem of this expansion. The 2/4 stats for 3 mana is not the best, but good enough. Getting a random 1-drop out is HUGE. Yes, while enemy also gets one, not every deck runs 1-drops. Control/Patron Warrior? No 1-drops. Midrange Druid? No 1-drops. Handlock? No 1-drops (most of the time, sometimes they tech in the Zombie Chow). Freeze Mage, Oil Rogue and couple of other decks also run no 1-drops most of the time. So while in certain matchups the effect is going to be mirrored, in other matchups you’ll be the only one getting a random 1-drop. Also, a crazy thought. What if you ran the Injured Kvaldir? It would be just a 2/1 if dropped from your hand, but 2/4 if you get it out of Desert Camel. Getting 2x 2/4 on turn 3 might be really hard for enemy to counter. Also, since it’s a Beast, it has possible Houndmaster synergy. It’s quite good thing to put a buff on – it turns into a 4/6 Taunt on turn 4. I like it. I’m not sure whether it’s going to work, we’ll need to see it in practice, but it’s cool nonetheless.

In Arena, it heavily depends on your draft. If you have a 1-drops in your deck – it’s fine. At worst, the effect is going to be mirrored, so it’s not a big deal. At best, you get a HUGE tempo advantage. And if you don’t have a 1-drop? Well, if enemy also doesn’t have a 1-drop – it’s fine, a 2/4 for 3 is okay. But if you don’t have a 1-drop AND enemy has a 1-drop, well, that sucks very hard. It’s like a 3 mana Hungry Dragon. But the thing is, Hungry Dragon has +1/+1 over vanilla stats, and this one has -1 attack compared to vanilla stats. So it’s a nice pick if you have 1-drops in the draft (better more than 1, because if you have only 1 there is a quite big chance that you’re going to draw it before turn 3). If you don’t – stay away from it, because enemy might have them and you’re screwed.


Forgotten Torch

Constructed: Great

Arena: Average/Good

I love this card. In a proper deck, it’s absolutely phenomenal. Any by proper deck I mean Freeze Mage. This is exactly what Freeze Mage needed. The fact that it’s so heavy on cycle that it often goes through the whole deck (or almost whole deck) means that it would consistently draw into the second spell. And a 3 damage Fireball is not too shabby. Freeze Mage often doesn’t want to use the burn spells in order to clear the board, because in some matchups it might not have enough damage to actually kill the enemy. It’s great in Warrior matchup – one Forgotten Torch gives you 9 additional damage in total. In faster matchups it might be used as an early removal. Bash has shown that 3 damage for 3 mana isn’t terrible removal. And later when it comes back, it might be again used as a removal (this time for mid game stuff) or to finish enemy off. The fact that it makes your deck bigger can be both good or bad. It might be shuffled before your important cards like Alexstrasza or Archmage Antonidas and push back drawing them by one turn. It might be a big disadvantage. But on the other hand, having more cards to draw from means that you get more turns before you start getting Fatigue damage. Some matchups you might actually lose by fatigue. Ice Block gets useless once you get into fatigue. So having more cards in your deck in total (32 instead of 30) can be cool in certain scenarios. I think the card has huge potential, especially in Control matchups.

In Arena, it’s also very cool. 3 damage for 3 mana isn’t best, but is okay. The fact that spells are pretty premium in Arena makes it good enough. But then, shuffling a 3 mana Fireball into your deck is great. A lot of Arena games go for quite long, meaning the chances that you draw into it is quite high. It’s much better in slower Arena decks that want to go for the long game, obviously. If you never draw the second part, it’s only a 3 damage for 3 mana, which is mediocre. But if you do, the 3 mana Fireball is phenomenal. Still, just picking Fireball if you get it offered is a much better idea.

Animated Armor

Constructed: Average

Arena: Average

Another card design that I really like. If not for the stats… 4/4 for 4 is not good enough to be played. But A for effort when it comes to the effect. It’s awesome, because it gives this minion an ultra-Taunt. I mean, if this one is on the board enemy just can’t you (rush your Hero for people who aren’t familiar with Twitch.tv emotes). Wolfrider into face? It deals 1 damage. Pyroblast into face? It deals 1 damage. It’s true that against decks that have TONS of small minions (like Aggro versions of Paladin) it doesn’t make a huge difference, so they can just ignore it for some time. But they rarely have to. 4 health minion on turn 4 is extremely easy to take down. Against Aggro decks it’s better to just run a Taunt most of the time. Both effects can be Silenced and Taunt actually FORCES enemy to attack it, unlike this guy. It might actually work better against combo-style decks. Like, if you drop it when Freeze Mage is about to burst you, they can’t do that without first removing it. Face Hunter wants to finish you off with Kill Command? Nope, he needs to kill this guy first. It’s cool in SOME scenarios where standard Taunts don’t work – namely against spell burn – but again… 4/4 stats suck for this kind of effect.

Maybe in the future, if decks like Malygos-based OTK stuff become popular it might actually be good to prevent them from killing you.

In Arena, first few turns is pretty much all about keeping the board control. Which means that the effect won’t be that great. Enemies rarely want to rush you down. And if they do – Sen’jin Shieldmasta is probably a better choice. 3/5 stats work better against small drops than 4/4. 4/4 for 4 with a small upside is okay. The upside gets bigger in the late game, especially if you’re low on health. It might save you when you’re let’s say at 5 hp and enemy Mage draws into Fireball. He is forced to kill this guy and you survive.

Once again, cool design, but the minion should be more defensively statted. If it would be 3/5 or maybe even the 3/6 (like Water Elemental) – it would be so much better.

Ethereal Conjurer

Constructed: Good

Arena: Great

I think this card doesn’t get enough recognition. While it’s not broken, it’s very cool one. So, the stats. 6/3 for 5 is pretty bad. But Justicar Trueheart has proven that 6/3 statline in the late game might actually be good enough if the effect is great. Here, it’s even for 1 less mana. The direct comparison I want to make is Azure Drake. Both of them draw a card. Conjurer is 6/3 while Azure Drake is 4/4. I think those stats are actually comparable. Conjurer can trade up much better and puts more pressure if enemy can’t kill it, but Azure Drake doesn’t die to early removals like Frostbolt, Darkbomb, Wrath etc. Azure Drake has +1 Spell Damage, which is pretty good in spell-heavy decks. It also draws the card from your deck, so you’re guaranteed to draw something good (after all you put it into your deck). You aren’t, however, guaranteed to draw something that’s good in a given scenario. Ethereal Conjurer lets you pick one of the three random Mage spells. And the thing is that Mage spells are generally solid. There are really few terrible Mage spells. Most are average or better. And since you get to pick one of THREE, you can just pick whatever is good in given matchup or scenario. You play against an Aggro deck? You can pick AoE removal or Ice Barrier. You play against OTK deck? You might pick Ice Block or Mirror Image / Counterspell (depending on whether the combos are minion or spell based). You play in Control matchup? Polymorph can be cool to deal with the big Legendaries. You get it by now. It’s very hard to tell whether it’s going to be better than Azure Drake for a card advantage game, but I think it’s close. Getting 3 bad spells from this might happen, but I think that’s a really rare scenario and more often you’ll get a valid choices. The problem with Conjurer is that the 5-drop slot is very contested in Constructed. You can’t run both this and Azure Drake and I’m not sure whether it’s going to be better than the Drake.

In Arena it’s also cool. Azure Drake is phenomenal and I think it might be even better. The Spell Damage part of Azure Drake is not that good, because Arena decks are usually low on spells anyway.  Drawing a card is awesome, but I think that choosing between 3 random Mage spells might actually be better than drawing a card from your deck. Stuff like Flamestrike or Fireball are incredibly strong in Arena, and you have quite a high chance to get one of the best Mage Arena cards. Oh. And it’s Common, so it won’t even have to compete with Azure Drake and we’ll see quite a lot of them. I think it’s going to be one of the better Mage cards in the Arena, especially in the decks that want to outvalue the enemy.


Sacred Trial

Constructed: Bad

Arena: Bad

Some people were really hyped for this card – you know, the standard “omg Secret Paladin buff”. But that’s completely untrue. It does not fit into Secret Paladin it all. Actually, it doesn’t really fit into any existing Paladin deck. If you play a faster Paladin deck, opponent won’t likely ever have more than 3 minions on the board anyway. They trade, you trade if the trades are good, you know how it works. Midrange Paladin is also focused on having the board control all the time. Only some slow Paladin decks might fall behind on tempo so much that enemy might have more than 3 minions. Oh, and it might actually work against an Aggro deck. Like, if they already have 3 small minions on the board (like 3x 1/1 from Muster for Battle), they might actually play let’s say a Piloted Shredder into it and it instantly dies. But you know, if some slower Paladin decks started running it, suddenly people would start playing around it. Because it’s relatively easy to play around.

In Arena, it’s also bad. Enemy might play around it and just not play the 4th minion, like, ever. People play around Mind Control Tech already so it’s not a big deal. They might also play some 2-drop for it to die, trade 1 for 1, which is fine. If enemy can keep 3 minions on the board you’re in a rough spot anyway, he has no reason to put 4th one a lot of time.

Oh. And the Secret is COMPLETELY useless when you’re ahead on the board. It gives you nothing. There are some games (both Constructed and Arena) where it would just never proc. Like, if you play against Control Warrior it’s very unlikely that he’s going to ever have more than 3 minions on the board.

Keeper of Uldaman

Constructed: Good

Arena: Great

This, on the other hand, is AWESOME. The base stats are below average – 3/4 are 3-drop’s stats, not 4-drop’s. But it didn’t stop the Piloted Shredder or Murloc Knight, did it? I don’t think that Keeper of Uldaman is on the same power level, but it’s definitely strong. And its strength comes from flexibility.

Just to make things clear – you can pick ANY minion as a target for the Battlecry. So if you play Muster for Battle on turn 3 and Keeper of Uldaman on turn 4, you can buff you Recruit to 3/3. 4 mana 3/4 that gives +2/2 is good. From turn 6 onwards, even if you don’t have anything on the board, you can use the Hero Power to make a Recruit and instantly drop it. 3/3 + 3/4 for 6 mana isn’t the best thing ever, but it’s fine if you have nothing else to play.

But here where it starts getting cool. You might actually use the Battlecry on enemy minion. It’s great against Control decks to deal with their big stuff. I mean, you can turn a Giant into a 3/3 and just kill it easily. Same goes for every big Legendary like Ysera. Equality was often a questionable play to just kill one big guy, especially if you were the one with board control (enemy had much easier time destroying your minions afterwards). Keeper of Uldaman makes killing big threats much easier while giving you a body (3/4 is something, right?) at the same time. Too bad that it doesn’t get rid of Deathrattles or ongoing effects (like Sylvanas Windrunner or Emperor Thaurissan), but it’s still cool. I think it’s a good addition into Midrange Paladin.

In Arena it’s also strong. If by turn 4 you have a Silver Hand Recruit or some small drop, you might buff it. If you have let’s say a 3/2 minion and enemy drops a Chillwind Yeti, you can just change the Yeti’s stats to 3/3 and trade. It’s bad to drop on an empty board, but it has AWESOME scaling into the late game. Changing opponent’s Boulderfist Ogre or some big drop into a 3/3 is a great move both tempo and value-wise. And yeah, it’s a Common, so we’ll see quite a lot of them. I don’t really think that Paladin needed another strong 4-drop, but sure, as a Paladin fan in Arena I won’t argue.

P.S. Now we won’t be just able to say “Keeper” when talking about Keeper of the Grove, because we have the second Keeper 🙁

Anyfin Can Happen

Constructed: Terrible

Arena: Terrible

Dear lord. I don’t know what devs were smoking when making this card. It’s straight unplayable in both Constructed and Arena.

If you want to play it in a Murloc deck, no way you’re going to do that. 10 mana for a Murloc deck could as well be 100 mana. The game isn’t going to last that long. Murloc decks are aggressive, fast decks. They want to finish the game as fast as they can. Turn 6-7 is already late game. Turn 10? No way. You either killed your enemy by then or you completely lost board control and lost the game.

If you want to play it in Midrange deck and count on the Murloc Knight synergy, well, it’s also bad. First of all, to get the full value you’d need to play BOTH Murloc Knight before this and get total 5 activations. This is a very rare scenario. If you did get 5 Murloc Knight activations, you probably don’t even need it, because you’ve already outvalued the enemy. And if you didn’t, this spell sucks. But let’s say you did. You play it for 10 mana and you get a board full of Murlocs back. Sure, that’s great. But it only works in like, I don’t know, 1 in 20 games? Getting back 2-3 Murlocs for 10 mana is completely not worth it.

In Arena you generally don’t want to draw Murlocs, because they’re mostly bad standalone cards. Sure, some are decent (like Puddlestomper), Murloc Knight is great, but some draws don’t even have a single Murloc. I don’t think you’d get more than 2-3 Murlocs from this on average. And getting 2-3 Murlocs for 10 mana isn’t really a great deal. It might work only in insane drafts with like 5 Murloc Knights. I’ve seen some of those drafts. But that’s a really, really situational card.

I fail to understand the point of this spell. They could make it so much better. If it was like 6 mana that resurrects 4 Murlocs, it could actually be playable. But the 10 mana cost really limits its usage.


So, that’s it for the first part of the League of Explorers cards review. In the second part I’ll be doing the Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior reviews. It’s going to come out very soon, so stay tuned!