Jaina and Dr. Boom battle in a new Hearthstone animated short

Now we need a Hearthstone show.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re a fan of animated Hearthstone content, then the game’s official YouTube channel has your back.

The Hearthstone YouTube channel posted an entertaining new short by content creator Wronchi today.

The animated short is titled “Explorers, Assemble!” and follows a hilarious game of Hearthstone between Jaina and Dr. Boom. As the match begins, Boom is able to play a Mech that plants a bomb in Jaina’s deck. Much to her dismay, when Jaina’s turn begins, she draws the bomb and it explodes in her face. Luckily for Jaina, her next card is Reno the Relicologist. After a brief pause, Reno’s effect activates and he has no problem clearing Dr. Boom’s board.

As the game of Hearthstone rages on, Jaina is eventually able to manifest every member of the League of Explorers. Thanks to a random spell cast from Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, however, each member of the League eventually gets transformed into a Murloc.

Wronchi’s animation and comedic style both seem as if they’d feel at home on Adult Swim. If you enjoy the video above, Wronchi has a variety of Blizzard-themed animations on his personal YouTube channel that might be worth your time.