Infested Goblin revealed for Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum expansion

Taunt Warrior is getting better and better.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The latest Hearthstone card reveal from the upcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion is a treat for Warrior enthusiasts.

Infested Goblin is a three-cost neutral card with Deathrattle. When it dies, it adds two 1/1 Scarabs with Taunt to your hand. As a stand-alone card, it’s nothing special. But it should be great in Taunt-oriented decks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s a relatively low-cost card with decent early-game stats. Most importantly, though, its Scarabs’ Taunt effect contributes to Fire Plume’s Heart, the Warrior Quest.

Into the Fray, another Taunt-focused card, was revealed earlier today. It seems like Blizzard is pushing the idea of Taunt Warrior for this expansion, and Infested Goblin only contributes to the deck.

Infested Goblin should also be great for Arena. It has tons of value and can easily feature in any decent Arena deck, no matter the class.

The Saviors of Uldum expansion will go live on Aug. 6.