Paladin gets a new weapon to buff minions in The Witchwood

This weapon would work great on Werewolves.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Non-scheduled reveals are always a pleasure as it shows another piece of the puzzle that is The Witchwood expansion. Paladin is the next class to receive a weapon in the upcoming expansion.

Silver Sword is an eight mana weapon with three attack and four durability.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Though they are decent stats for a weapon, eight mana is a lot to pay for a weapon with such stats, which means it better have a powerful effect. Once you attack with the Silver Sword, you give all of your minions on board +1/+1 in stats.

Though this effect is strong with a full board, getting that full board can be difficult when you get later in the game because your opponent has more tools to clear the board as they draw more cards. Dude Paladin is a popular deck right now and Silver Sword would compliment such a deck well.

If the card cost less mana and had slightly reduced stats it would be stronger, because you are more likely to have a large board earlier in the game as opposed to later. The high cost of the card may keep it from being played often since there are lower cost cards that provide strong buffs to your minions both in-hand and on-board.