28 February 2018 - 16:39

What cards are in Hearthstone's Hall of Fame?

Some Classic cards are not available in Standard.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone's Hall of Fame is a big part of the game's formats.

It contains some of the most powerful and popular cards from the game's history—and is used by Blizzard to encourage innovation and development in deck building for classes that have become stagnant.

In the Standard and Wild formats, the Classic set is evergreen. But some of those Classic cards became popular enough for Blizzard to move them into the Wild format. The developer created the Hall of Fame set for that purpose—to bring together cards from other sets that weren't expansions but needed to be moved into Wild.

Here are the cards in Hearthstone's Hall of Fame set.

Year of the Kraken

Though it wasn't called the Hall of Fame at the time, four cards were moved into the Hall of Fame when the Standard and Wild formats were first introduced in 2016. They were formerly part of the Reward and Promo sets.

Captain's Parrot was acquired by crafting all of the Pirates available in the Classic and Basic sets, while players got Old Murk Eye when they crafted all the Classic and Basic Murlocs. These were the only two cards in the Reward set.

The two cards in the Promo set were given out in their golden variations to early players. Elite Tauren Chieftan was a reward for attending BlizzCon in 2013, while players who made a real-money purchase during Hearthstone's beta got a golden Gelbin Mekkatorque. Both were later made available to craft in non-golden form.

In 2017, when the Hall of Fame was officially announced, Blizzard explained that these four cards were officially part of that Hall of Fame set.

Year of the Mammoth

The rotation in 2017 from the Year of the Kraken to the Year of the Mammoth brought with it the official announcement of the Hall of Fame set.

Six cards from the Classic set were moved from Standard into Wild, after being very popular for a number of years. They included two legendaries, three class cards, and one neutral rare.

Year of the Raven

When the new Standard year, the Year of the Raven, launches in roughly April 2018, three more cards will move into the Hall of Fame.

Two of those cards, Coldlight Oracle and Ice Block, are moving because of design and power concerns. The third, Molten Giant, is rotating so it can have its nerf reverted. In April 2016, it was increased in mana from 20 to 25, rendering it pretty much useless for the combos it was used in. Now in Wild, those decks will be available again.

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