How to obtain Hearthstone’s new Sea of Dunes card back

Get ready to play some ranked.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the coolest things about Hearthstone is its ever -xpanding collection of unique card backs.

This month you’ll have the opportunity to earn the new Sea of Dunes card back.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To get the new card back, you’ll need to prepare for a few ranked Hearthstone matches. The Sea of Dunes card back will be the monthly ranked reward for September. This means after winning five ranked games in the month of September, you’ll be awarded the card back.

If you win five games and don’t see your new card back, fret not. You won’t actually obtain the card back until the following month begins. Though you have to earn the Sea of Dunes card back by winning five ranked games during the month of September, it won’t be added to your collection until October.

At the start of each month every player gets to open their rewards chest from the previous month. This chest will contain rewards based on your ranked performance for the month prior in Hearthstone. This is where you will find your new card back. If you won five ranked games during the month of August, you can open your chest now to unlock the Year of the Raven card back.

Since most card backs are made with World of Warcraft in mind, it’s possible the Sea of Dunes card back is modeled after the land of Vol’dun or Uldum. In both lands, players will find desert hills that seem to roll on endlessly. Now that Classic WoW is live, hopefully the team adds some unique card backs inspired by the original version of the worlds best MMO.