Hero Powers revealed for Hearthstone’s upcoming solo adventure, Tombs of Terror

There's a lot of player choice.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Many players in the Hearthstone community are anticipating the Sept. 17 release of the game’s latest solo adventure, the Tombs of Terror. And thanks to the latest update, fans now know which Hero Powers players will see on Reno, Brann, Elise, and Finley.

It was already revealed that each Explorer’s League playable character would be operating as a dual-class Hero during Tombs of Terror. This means Elise, Finley, Brann, and Reno will all be using cards from two different classes. As you may have expected, each class will be represented in the character’s Hero Power selection.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Elise Starseeker will be functioning as a Druid and Priest Hero during Tombs of Terror. Elise and her fellow explorers will all have three Hero Powers. One of Elise’s Hero Powers is called Elise’s Might. It costs two mana and has a Choose One effect. You can choose to either gain two attack or two armor for the turn.

Another one of Elise’s Hero Powers is Druidic Teaching. It costs two mana and allows you to heal a target for two health, then draw a card if the target is at full health. Elise’s other ability is passive and is called Starseeker. After you cast two spells in a turn, Starseeker adds a Moonfire to your hand. Moonfire is a zero-cost spell that deals one damage.

Like Elise, her fellow explorers will also have three Hero Powers each. But until the adventure goes live, it’s uncertain which Hero Powers will be usable first. Elise’s comrade Brann Bronzebeard will be representing the Hunter and Warrior classes. One of Brann’s Powers is called Spread Shot. It costs two mana and allows you to deal one damage to a target and one damage to the enemy Hero.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Brann also has another two-cost Power called Well Equipped. It equips a random weapon and sets its durability to one. Based on the weapon pool this draws from, it could be much stronger than it appears at first glance. Brann also has a passive Hero Power called Dino Tracking. At the start of the turn, Dino Tracking allows you to Discover which card you draw.

Everyone’s favorite adventurer Reno Jackson will be representing the Rogue and Mage classes. One of Reno’s Hero Powers is called Amateur Mage. It costs two mana and deals one damage. It also has a Combo effect that allows it to deal two damage instead.

Reno has a zero-cost Hero Power called Relicologist. This Power causes your next spell in the turn to have Spell Damage +2. This means if you were going to play a Pyroblast for 10 damage, it would deal 12 damage instead.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Finally, Reno has a power called Arcane Craftiness. This Hero Power costs two mana and fires two missiles that deal one damage each. If any minion dies, the actions of the Hero Power are repeated. This will obviously be amazing for board clear, but it’ll probably have some hidden perks we won’t find out about until after we get to craft some decks.

Reno, Brann, and Elise will be joined by Paladin and Shaman Hero, Sir Finley. One of Finley’s three Hero Powers is called New Recruits. This Power allows you to summon a 2/1 Amalgam Explorer. Your explorers will be one-cost 2/1 minions that have all minion types.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Finley will also have a one-cost Power called Bubble Blower. This Power allows you to Discover a Shaman or Paladin minion with Battlecry. Bubble Blower will also Overload one mana. Finley’s other Hero Power is called Power Up!, which gives a minion Divine Shield and Windfury.

Just like Reno, Brann, and Elise, each of Finley’s Powers look like they’ll drastically alter your playstyle. This means we can expect this solo adventure to feel highly customizable in terms of gameplay. The dual-class Hero feature should make for some interesting deck building and the new Hero Powers will likely take the fun even further.

You can check out the Tombs of Terror solo adventure when it goes live on Sept. 17.