Hearthstone’s latest update is causing issues for Mac and iOS players

This isn't a great time to play on Apple products.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Hearthstone team started 2021 off with a series of balance changes aimed at some of the most powerful decks in Standard. But the patch that carried these changes has caused some major issues for Mac and iOS users.

Since Hearthstone Patch 19.2.1 launched last week, many iOS and Mac users have been unable to play the game. Two days ago, a Blizzard community manager informed players on Reddit that the team was aware of the issue and then later said it had been resolved. But sorting by new on the exact same post reveals the issue is far from resolved.

Many Mac and iOS players are still unable to launch the game today. In regard to iOS, players say they can download the Hearthstone app, but when they try to launch the app, they’re told to go back to the store to download the app. Upon going back to the app store, users see no update. The game will crash soon after and this repeats indefinitely.

Blizzard customer support specialist Jambrix informed people on the forums today that the Hearthstone team knows the issue is still persisting.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Jambrix said the best course of action is “trying to install again at a later time.” Blizzard will likely make an announcement when the issue is fixed for good. In the meantime, you can sort this Reddit thread by new to track the rage of your fellow iOS and Mac users.