Hearthstone’s first Tavern Brawl of 2020 is Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts

Bring in the new year with an Old God.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Starting today you’ll be able to bring in the new year alongside Hearthstone’s very own Yogg-Saron.

The Old God finds himself in need of a worthy servant and you have the rare opportunity to assist with auditions. Since this is a preconstructed deck Brawl, you won’t have to do any preparation outside of selecting a class. After you’ve chosen a class you’ll be awarded a deck that is full of hopeful Yogg-Saron servants.

As an added twist, each time you play a minion it will have a random spell attached to it that’s triggered onto a random target. This means some minions can potentially have spells attached to them that are more beneficial for your opponent than they are for you. You might play a minion only to find out it has a spell attached to it that clears the board when you have a lead.

Since there is no way of telling which spell a minion will trigger before playing it, you’re basically at the mercy of the RNG gods. One thing you can do to help your odds of winning are focus on minion based board control. In order to approach this brawl successfully, you’ll need to do your best to control the board by out trading your opponent on minions.

If you’re unsure of which class to take into the brawl consider trying Hunter or Warlock. Hunter’s Hero Power will help cut your opponent down to size while you’re crazy RNG spell minions do the rest. Likewise, Warlock’s Hero Power is terrific for this Brawl because it keeps a steady stream of minions flowing into your hand.

This new Tavern Brawl is live right now and will be playable over the next week. You can log-in now and start working toward your free card pack.