Hearthstone team gives an update on Standard meta

Hunter is looking strong.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Galakrond’s Awakening solo adventure is out in full force and has introduced a ton of new cards to Standard Hearthstone.

Hearthstone developer August Dean Ayala recently gave an update on how the meta is shaping up in a post-Galakrond world. Ayala said that the team is seeing a healthy fluctuation in terms of deck power levels every day.

Ayala shared a variety of statistics focused on the top decks each day across four days. Though there are some decks with obvious staying power, there actually appears to be a decent amount of fluctuation. The statistics posted by Ayala were gathered from the top one percent of players. This means these percentages come from Ranks 3 to Legend.

Feb. 8

  • Quest Hunter – 55 percent
  • Aggro Warrior – 54.5 percent
  • Galakrond Warrior – 54 percent
  • Highlander Hunter – 53.7 percent
  • Mech Paladin – 52.9 percent

Feb. 9

  • Quest Hunter – 54.2 percent
  • Galakrond Warrior – 54 percent
  • Highlander Hunter – 53.9 percent
  • Rezz Priest – 53.6 percent
  • Galakrond Rogue – 53 percent

Feb. 10

  • Galakrond Warrior – 55 percent
  • Mech Paladin – 53.7 percent
  • Rezz Priest – 53.3 percent
  • Quest Hunter – 53.1 percent
  • Highlander Hunter – 52.9 percent

Feb. 11

  • Combo Priest – 55.4 percent
  • Galakrond Warrior – 54.3 percent
  • Dragon Hunter – 54.1 percent
  • Mech Paladin – 53.9 percent
  • Quest Druid – 53.7 percent

Ayala also discussed how the meta for lower-ranked players looks drastically different. The top five decks for Ranks 10 to 15 are Mech Paladin, Face Hunter, Token Druid, Embiggen Druid, and Highlander Hunter. The hope is that the lower-ranked meta will eventually reflect the top end meta once the trickle-down effect has time to take place, according to Ayala.

Ayala informed players that there are no plans for meta changes at the moment, but that could change once the Galakrond’s Awakening cards have time to find their footing. You can check out Ayala’s full comments concerning the meta on the Hearthstone forums.