Spiteful Druid has shot up in power and popularity

Learn how to climb up the ladder with this Druid deck type.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With The Witchwood being released last week the new Hearthstone meta is still being figured out, but one deck that’s been rising in popularity and use at high ranks is Spiteful Druid.

Ever since Spiteful Summoner was released as part of the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, players have been figuring out the ideal class to take advantage of the card’s Battlecry. Spiteful Summoner requires you to play big spells in your deck due to it summoning a minion of the same mana cost as a random spell in your deck. Druid has a magnificent high cost spell in Ultimate Infestation.

Image via [Disguisedtoast.com](https://disguisedtoast.com/decklists/3819-r10-legend-spiteful-druid)

This deck only runs two spells, two copies of Ultimate Infestation. With those as the only spells in your deck, Spiteful Summoner is guaranteed to summon a random ten cost minion as long as you have at least one copy of the spell remaining in your deck. Besides the massive power turn whenever you play one of your Spiteful Summoners, the deck is all about filling your board with minions and beating down your opponent.

Spiteful Druid runs multiple low-cost minions so that you are able to constantly replenish your board with threats. Prince Keleseth is a great addition to the deck because it will buff all of the many minions in your deck and you don’t miss much by not playing other two cost cards. Cobalt Scalebane will buff your minions on board and give you even more attack to whittle down your opponents health.

This specific version of the deck was made by Steelo who is a high ranking legend player. In various other versions of this deck, you can run other minion with high attack, like Leeroy Jenkins, or minions that buff your other minions, like Fungalmancer.