Hearthstone players have until March 8 to buy the Gladiator Valeera bundle

Rogue players, think fast.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The most recent installation of Hearthstone’s Book of Heroes solo series features everyone’s favorite Blood Elf Rogue, Valeera.

If you’re a Rogue main looking to boost your collection, you’ll probably want to grab the Gladiator Valeera bundle before it’s too late. The Gladiator Valeera bundle will be available through Monday, March 8.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Since the Book of Heroes was launched, Blizzard has released a bundle alongside each chapter. The main draw of each bundle is the exclusive Hero Portrait that comes with it, but you actually get some decent bang for your buck.

In addition to the exclusive Gladiator Valeera skin, players will get five Rogue Class packs. That means you’ll get five packs and the exclusive skin for $9.99. As you might have guessed, Rogue packs only include cards usable by the Rogue class. If you’ve been wanting to get on the Miracle Rogue train, now’s your chance.

If you’re considering purchasing the bundle, you’ll have until the end of the weekend to make a decision. The Gladiator Valeera bundle will be available through March 8. As with any bundle, you’ll only be able to redeem one per account. That means you won’t be able to snag Rogue-specific packs on repeat, as cool as that may sound.

If you’re a Rogue main or trying to become one, this bundle is definitely worth the money. You can drop $10 and start getting some wins as Gladiator Valeera right now.