Hearthstone players are reporting a bug when switching from Normal to Heroic Tombs of Terror

Would you be upset if a bug made Heroic easier?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror solo adventure is live, but some players are experiencing a bug that could be the result of a previous fix implemented by Blizzard.

The issues revolve around the health pools of the game’s new boss type called Plague Lords. At the end of each chapter, players must face a Plague Lord. One of the most unique things about Plague Lords is that their health doesn’t reset after a run.

If you play a chapter and make it to the Plague Lord, that Lord should start with 300 health. If you do damage to a Plague Lord during the fight, that damage should be reflected the next time you face him. If you did 50 damage to a Lord during your first run, for example, he should have 250 health on your next try. This is intended to make final bosses harder and to generate more replayability.

Earlier this week, Blizzard fixed an issue surrounding chapter two’s Plague Lord, Krazath. Players on Reddit reported that Krazath would reset to 300 health, despite how much damage he may have taken during their first attempt. The next day, Blizzard implemented a server-side bug fix to solve the issue with Krazath.

Players are now reporting a similar issue that could be a result of the bug fix intended for Krazath, however. Now, some players are experiencing an issue where a Plague Lord’s Normal mode health total will carry over for a Heroic run. Since Heroic is an entirely separate difficulty, everything about the run should be reset, including boss health.

After switching from Normal to Heroic mode, a Reddit user was surprised to find out that the Vesh they were facing had the same health he had during their last Normal run. Vesh should have reset to 300 health after the difficulty switch, but for whatever reason, it remained at 237.

The only explanation the Reddit user offered outside of complications from the Krazath bug fix was the fact that he had played Nozari during his Normal run. Nozari returns both Heroes to full health. Nozari shouldn’t have caused this sort of interaction between Normal and Heroic modes, but its unique effect could have triggered the new bug.

Blizzard should respond with a bug fix soon.