Hearthstone patch 14.2 is now live and introduces the Dalaran Heist

The stage is set for a new single player adventure.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Players who sign on Hearthstone this evening will be pleased to learn patch 14.2 is now available for download.

The patch introduces the Dalaran Heist solo adventure that will become playable on May 16, as well as a host of various other features and fixes.

By now most members of the Hearthstone community are at least somewhat familiar with the League of EVIL and its dastardly plan. The Year of the Dragon aims to introduce a year-long narrative to Hearthstone. The first step in that narrative is the Dalaran Heist, and it is being perpetrated by a troupe of villains from Hearthstone’s past.

The Dalaran Heist solo adventure boasts a plethora of new features that allow players to unlock more ways to play than any solo mode in Hearthstone’s history. The Heist will include nine playable heroes. Each hero has additional decks and hero powers and can be unlocked by playing through the Dalaran Heist campaign.

This week players will be able to play the Dalaran Bank and Violet Hold chapters of the solo adventure. The first chapter will be playable for free on May 16. After finishing chapter one, the second chapter of the adventure will become available for purchase immediately. Three additional chapters will be released in the following weeks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The patch also introduces two new card backs that can be earned by playing the Dalaran Heist solo adventure. The “Prize of Shadows” card back will be unlocked when you complete the Dalaran Heist. The “Got Away with it!” card back becomes available after beating the Dalaran Heist on Heroic mode.

Players will also be able to earn up to 16 Rise of Shadows card packs while playing through the Dalaran Heist. You will earn three Rise of Shadows packs the first time you complete a chapter and will earn a golden Classic pack after completing all chapters.

Patch 14.2 also introduces a variety of bug fixes to the game, including one specific to solo content. Players who are unfortunate enough to disconnect or crash during a single-player adventure now have the option to resume that adventure when their connection has been re-established.

Mobile users also receive a variety of performance improvements with this patch, including a fix for an issue that causes text to randomly disappear when switching to a non-English version of the client. If you’re a mobile user and the patch isn’t available for download, fear not. The mobile version usually becomes available for download a few hours after the patch goes live on PC. For a full list of bug fixes, you can check out Blizzard’s official patch notes here.

Download patch 14.2 today and play the Dalaran Heist on May 16.