Hearthstone Masters is doubling its efforts in 2020 with 3 extra events

Rejoice, Hearthstone fans.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To celebrate the success of Hearthstone Masters, Blizzard Entertainment is expanding to six tours in 2020.

Hearthstone fans were given the opportunity to watch and compete in three Masters Tours events in 2019, held in Las Vegas, Seoul, and finally Bucharest in the latter stages of the year. Thousands of participants competed and hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded.

In 2020, that number will double combined with $250,000 in prizes guaranteed for each tournament. Just as it was last year, though, that number will be bolstered with a crowdfunding initiative. 

The Hearthstone Masters events have produced some of the biggest moments in the competitive game, mixing the top-tier players with the up=and-comers. 

Here are the locations and dates for the Masters Tour events in 2020.

  • Masters Tour #1, Arlington, Texas, Jan. 31 to Feb. 2
  • Qualifying Period: Nov. 13 to Dec. 24 
  • Masters Tour #2, Bali, Indonesia, March 20 to 22
  • Qualifying Period: Dec. 12 to Jan. 26
  • Masters Tour #3, Jönköping, Sweden, June 12 to 14
  • Qualifying Period: Feb. 6 to March 29
  • Masters Tour #4, TBD Asia-Pacific Location (July/August)
  • Qualifying Period: April 2 to May 24
  • Masters Tour #5, Montreal, Canada, Sept. 11 to 13
  • Qualifying Period: June 4 to July 26
  • Masters Tour #6, Spain, (December)
  • Qualifying Period: Aug. 6 to Sept. 27