Hearthstone fans encounter bug causing Scholomance Academy pre-orders to be removed from store

Many users were shocked by the items' disappearance.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Multiple Hearthstone players have reported their pre-orders for the upcoming Scholomance Academy expansion disappeared from the store earlier today.

One player claimed that after seeing the initial Reddit post regarding the item’s unavailability on the Blizzard store, he checked the Amazon store to find that it was no longer available there either.

Fortunately, the issue seems to be resolved with and pre-order have returned to the store. The cause of the issue has not been addressed, however.

While Blizzard is yet to comment on the issue, some believe that it is due to the expansion being postponed from its initial release. A popular theory is the change in the date caused a glitch, which removed the pre-order.

The expansion is set to launch on Aug. 6, bringing 135 new cards to the game. The expansion brings new highly-anticipated features to the game, such as dual-class cards and spellburst cards.

The timeline between the expansion’s announcement reveals and its release date is considerably shorter than that of previous expansions to the game, with the final card being showcased on July 29.