Hunting Mastiff uses both new Witchwood keywords

This good boy joins the Hunter class.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Hearthstone content creator and player Thijs got to reveal the next card in the upcoming Witchwood expansion.

Hunting Mastiff is a two mana 2/1 Beast. The card utilizes both of the new keywords coming into Hearthstone with the new expansion, Echo and Rush.

Echo allows you to play a card as many times as possible with the mana you have. For instance, with Hunting Mastiff you can play it twice with four mana or three times with six mana.

Rush is similar to Charge but the card can only attack other minions when first played, not your opponents’ hero directly. Rush cards will mainly be used for immediate removal and Hunting Mastiff can exceed well at clearing your opponents’ board. Hunting Mastiff can be considered slightly similar to Unleash the Hounds.

Hunting Mastiff will join the rest of the cards released in the Witchwood expansion sometime in April. You can pre-order now and receive 70 cards packs alongside a special card back.