Hearthstone Battlegrounds balance changes arrive with Descent of Dragons update

Shaman isn't the only thing getting nerfed today.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Hearthstone community was gifted with a patch full of balance changes today aimed at nerfing Shaman. Since so much anticipation has been on the changes coming to the class, the Battleground changes featured in the patch have surely taken some by surprise.

If you’re a fan of Battlegrounds and are eager to spice things up, this patch may make you even happier than those who have awaited the changes to Shaman. In addition to a variety of minions switching Tavern Tiers, Battlegrounds is also seeing a Hero rotation. Brann Bronzebeard has been removed from the pool of available Heroes and is being replaced by Bartendotron.

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Bartendotron’s Hero Power is passive and reduces the cost of Tavern Tiers by one. In addition to gaining Bartendotron, Battlegrounds will be losing the Nightmare Amalgam minion all together.

Primalfin Lookout was moved from Tavern Tier Four to Tier Five last week. Four additional minions have been moved to other tiers as well, including Boogeymonster, which is now Tavern Tier Four instead of Tier Five, and Mechano-egg, which has also been moved from Tavern Tier Five to Tier Four. The Beast has been moved from Tavern Tier Four to Tavern Tier Three. Lastly, Coldlight Seer has been moved from Tavern Tier Two to Tier Three.

Though Brann Bronzebeard fans will surely miss the lively explorer, at least Bartendotron is here to serve up some fun. These changes are now live and you can test them on Battlegrounds now.